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Episode 1818: Hot Pot-Ahch-To


Game worlds should feel lived-in, with a deep history behind them. In a world with history, there will be legends and tales about all sorts of things. They don't necessarily have to be true, or even based in truth, but they'll be there.

Give your players a feel for the history of the world by having people tell them some of these legends. Or even encourage players to come up with their own legends about things. It'd be perfectly within character for someone playing an elf to inform her fellow party members about the old elven legends regarding some forest that they have to travel through. The good part is that it doesn't matter what legend the player comes up with - because it's a legend. It doesn't have to be true. Or, on the other hand, it might inspire some thoughts that you can use to produce an encounter or adventure along the way.

Use your players' creativity as a resource in setting up details of your game world. It's an easier and more immersive job if everyone is involved.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hah, that really does sound like a comic style sneeze when trying to sound it out. I wondered about how odd the named seemed last comic, but I didn't quite put it together with the sound it likely has. The English language is weird that way when comparing text only, spoken only, and both together, and who knows where this place's name came from. And who the name came from; it seems like the sort of name the GM would come up with, but it's only Ben saying Ahch-To so far.

And of course, things immediately go wrong after Lor San hands over the chip. But then, drop ships were already on the way, so maybe the doom is a bit less immediate. I bet Ben decided it'd be funny to set things up like that as out of character though. They all knew trouble was coming, but in character, only BB had noticed it yet. The entire two panels of silence, including the great "are you serious" face, had me audibly laughing so Ben's gotta know exactly what he's doing.

Poe/Jim is definitely channeling a bit of Han there. I bet he tries to talk his way into being an informant again without realizing that "ace pilot" means his name's on a First Order hit-list somewhere.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Yep. The "gesundheit" joke was really obvious.

And, Ben is saying that "Whoever passes on this location is doomed"? Really? Dying this early? Clearly, this must be a pre-arranged, scripted death, with background info done through a PC instead of an NPC for flavor. After all, there's no possible way that this character could somehow survive and mess up everyone's plans, right?

The facial expressions on Lor (Ben) are actually rather nice, even though they are horribly shadowed and hard to see.

Meanwhile, Jim's character, Poe, is going to have to pass this information to the rest of the crew, right? Already a foreshadowed death.

So let's see this First Order, showing up next comic.


Lor: This chip contains our expedition log.
Poe: Got it.
Lor: Including a map to Ahch-To.
Poe: Gesundheit.
Lor: But beware. There is a legend that whoever passes on the location of Ahch-To is doomed.
Poe: Cool. Hand it over, I’ll take care of it.
{beat, Lor San Tekka looks at Poe}
{Lor hands over the chip}
BB-8: {bursting in} Hey, guys, we got company!
Lor: The First Order. They tracked you here.
Poe: Hey, you’re the one who’s doomed.

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Published: Thursday, 26 March, 2020; 03:11:17 PDT.
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