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Episode 1910: A Thor Point


It's not a good idea to insult someone who's holding an arc welder in your face. (Not that that would stop Annie's roleplaying.)

But to apply this to your own games, there is a certain type of villain who loves doing this sort of thing. The heroes have the villain captured and defenceless. Time for the villain to bring out the insults and taunts! Don't always have them go quietly and meekly. If you can egg on a PC to actually slap them across the face, all the better.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Assume dry air conditions and distance from arc welder to Finn is 30 cm. With the rough estimates I can find for electrical arcing distance, that would mean BB-8 can generate roughly 900 kV in those bursts, which is a heck of a thing to get zapped by! Practically though, this is just the usual movie magic that gave us a non-crispified Luke, but it's fun to think about details like this sometimes!

Also, Annie did pretty well in showing that Finn at least met Poe here. Neither BB-8 nor Rey actually said Poe's name yet, so being able to share that detail first is good to show the jacket wasn't just randomly picked up off the ground. That's a good set up for sharing the escape story if Pete or Corey pick up on that.

The last panel sounds like another callback to the original Star Wars movies. That's been used before with a closer sounding string, but it's still a great way to insult! And it also has me wondering how this scene actually played out in the movie. The first panel has an angry Finn face, the last panel a face that says "Ow not again!", so these are probably in order. No guarantee though as "Who's scruffy looking?" came before the insult! It's really impressive how well the movie scenes were mix-and-matched to come up with a completely new comic scene, and the thought of "was this a movie action or an original comic action?" is always in my head.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Well, BB-8, you are a little rusty looking.

We have a standard interrogation going on between two groups of player characters. One has the upper hand, and is playing bad cop/worse cop. The other is trying to respond with insults, only to get shocked more and more. I'd call this a shocking development, but it's actually expected at this point.

A major point in Finn's favor is that he mentioned a Poe's name. So this tells them that he had a chance to talk with Poe. Actually, it might have been better if he was able to say something like, "I found this jacket by a crashed fighter", because now they know they talked with Poe. Which means they are going to be wanting to know what happened to Poe.

Can you imagine this crazy story: "I was working for Lord Ren, and Poe and I defected under fire from a star destroyer in a PIE fighter, managed to crash land on the planet, avoid being detected by Imperial squadrons, I was ejected from my seat before the crash, and Poe appears to have died in the crash. Yet I was still able to get to the wreck of the ship, find his jacket—not find his body—the ship disappeared into the sands all of a sudden, and I went wandering off hoping to find something before I die of starvation or dehydration."

That is so outlandish; why, if it was a play on the stage I would have trouble believing it.


BB-8: Where did you get that jacket?!
BB-8: I zap him with my arc welder for encouragement.
[SFX]: bzzzap!
Finn: Ow! Hey!
Rey: Answer the droid. Or you’ll get another taste of my staff.
BB-8: With a chaser of tungsten electrode.
Finn: I got it from a... friend.
BB-8: My friend! And I don’t recall seeing you before.
Finn: And Poe never mentioned a jumped-up, half-watted, rusty-looking Huttball to me, but here you are.
[SFX]: bzzzap!
Finn: Ow!
BB-8: Who’s rusty looking?

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Published: Tuesday, 27 October, 2020; 02:11:17 PDT.
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