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Episode 1909: Staff Meeting


If someone calls out and starts running towards you, what do you do?

What does an adventuring character, someone who might have reason to think that strangers might be after them with intent to attack, do?

Have an NPC do this to your playing group, and find out!

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

I am trying to figure out how it is possible for one person to run away from another person, and the second chasing person to be able to take a shortcut. That just doesn't seem like straight line maneuvering.

A standard trope when two groups of good guys come together is that they wind up fighting each other. Here, we clearly have a standard misunderstanding - see someone with the clothing of your friend, as soon as they have done something to destroy/kill/murder/hide or otherwise kidnap your friend.

I do like that we do not have meta-knowledge assumption. The players are very careful to note that their characters do not know that the other characters are players. They are treating them exactly as you would expect: a murderous thief wearing the clothing of your friend, and vicious attack creatures that can take out two people who attacked by surprise and are now coming after you.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oh man, I forgot about the jacket! Finn having the jacket on is a dead giveaway that he's met Poe, which automatically makes him suspect what with BB-8 knowing that Poe was captured. I bet we'll get to see how well Finn can sell his story about escaping from the First Order soon. Claiming that someone who just beat up a couple of people out of the blue is someone to run away fast from is very believable too, so I hope that's brought up as a distraction.

Looks like Rey definitely took a shortcut and followed it up with what the army should have done. It took me a couple reads to notice, but that is Rey in the second to last panel. I'd first thought Finn had clonked his head on something hanging in the souk. It's rather traditional in foot chases to crash through vendors and hit all sorts of things, so hitting pots and pans would make sense. Not much time, or space, for an extended chase scene here though, so it took a few extra looks to understand what happened.


GM: <roll> BB-8, while scanning your surroundings, you spot a man across the souk, wearing what looks like Poe’s jacket.
BB-8: Is it Poe?
GM: It doesn’t look like him.
BB-8: Uh, Rey. We need to go talk to that guy.
Rey: Him?
GM: Finn, the woman and droid are looking at you suspiciously.
Rey: Oy! You!
Finn: Uh... I run away!
Rey: Hey! Get back here!
Finn: I go through the souk and try to find somewhere to hide.
{Finn is laid out flat on the ground by Rey's blow with the staff}
Rey: Now that’s a shortcut.
Finn: Ow...

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Published: Sunday, 25 October, 2020; 02:11:18 PDT.
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