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Episode 949: Bar, Bar, Brown Wookiee


Facilities in a secret rebel base need to have code names, so that if you're accidentally overheard talking about them by the enemy, they won't know what you're talking about. Smart PCs will have all sorts of secret code names for things, including combat plans that can be shouted out in desperate situations so that everyone knows what they need to do without giving it away to the horde of attacking orcs.

Even smarter players won't bother, since you can always discuss plans in detail out of character in the real world minutes in between one orc releasing an arrow and the arrow hitting its target.


Han: When you're up on your feet, kid, we should go get a drink together. I'll even buy.
Luke: Uh...
Han: Sooo... Know any good bars?
Chewbacca: My good sir! We know a bounteous abundance of bars! The Bourbon and Banthasteak on Bothawui, for one, ranks amongst my personal predilections.
Han: Ixnay with the... advice-ay.
C-3PO: The medidroid says Luke isn't allowed alcohol until he's better.
Han: Never listen to what droids tell you, 3PO.
Luke: Han, I just want to say thanks. I thought I was doomed for sure.
Han: You're not gonna listen to some wowser droid now, are you, kid?
Leia: You are not leaving the base just to get a drink.
Han: Spoilsport.
Leia: Just go to the base ice bar! There's even a cocktail in your honour.
Han: Wait, wait, wait. There's a bar on base?!
Leia: You've never been to "The Security Briefing Room"?

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Published: Tuesday, 15 October, 2013; 03:11:02 PDT.
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