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<     Episode 1792: Irrational Sureness of the Fruitless Mind     >

Episode 1792: Irrational Sureness of the Fruitless Mind


The power of the mind is of course equal to mental energy divided by subjective time.


Luke: {pointing blaster at Gonzo} You don't scare us. We've battled far worse.
Gonzo: I'll have you know I'm a clone of the most evil Sith Lord ever!
Luke: You don't even have any Force powers! I can sense it.
Gonzo: Oh? If I don't have any Force powers how can I do... Gonzo: this?? {waves hands in air}
Luke: You're just waving your hands in the air.
Gonzo: With the power of my mind!

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Published: Sunday, 06 October, 2019; 03:11:04 PDT.
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