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Episode 1793: He Also has Dice that are Etched in Morse


Mind control tricks used against PCs can lead into all sorts of amusing situations. Just be careful to give them a chance of resisting, and a way out, to make it fair. And don't have them immediately do something suicidal.

Embarrassing them is usually a lot more fun.


R2-D2: Something went seriously wrong with the cloning operation if this is the result.
Gonzo: How dare you impugn my evilness! Watch as I influence your movements! With the Force!
GM: Pete, save versus Mind Control at -5.
R2-D2: A 11111011 modifier? So I need a 00000111 or more.
[SFX]: roll
R2-D2: All right, hand me the note...
GM: And Corey, here.
Luke: But you didn— Oh.
{R2 twirls around on the spot}
R2-D2: Hey.
R2-D2: Look at me.
R2-D2: I am dancing irresistibly.
C-3PO: You mean uncontrollably.
R2-D2: No, I'm irresistible.
Luke: Thousands of women would beg to differ.
Luke: But he's still not using the Force! That's just some electronic remote thingy!
C-3PO: Electromagnetism is technically a force.
Luke: The Force isn't a force!!
R2-D2: Of course, of course.

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Published: Sunday, 13 October, 2019; 03:11:05 PDT.
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