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Episode 1791: Grievously Shorter Than Expected


If you're going to go to the bother of planning a trap for the heroes, you have to make absolutely sure they fall into it. Some options:


GM: You've landed on Koozebane. It's a desolate rocky world with a red sky.
Luke: Right. We need to find this Vader-clone, or whoever it is, and rescue Chewbacca.
R2-D2: The Force guided you to land right near him, right? Like when we found Yoda on Dagobah?
Luke: Uh, of course it already did that. Without me needing to say.
Gonzo: No, it was I! I guided you into the trap into which you have fallen!
GM: Corey, take this note.
R2-D2: You had to guide us into your trap? Not a very good trap then, was it?
Gonzo: Even so! Good enough to fool you! You fool!
C-3PO: You're the Sith Lord who kidnapped Chewbacca? I was expecting someone a bit...
Gonzo: Taller?
C-3PO: No. More evil.

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Published: Sunday, 29 September, 2019; 03:44:43 PDT.
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