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Episode 1579: Dark Slide of the Moon


When you reveal the villain's plans to the PCs, make it ominous. Start at the level of badness that they were suspecting, and then make it clear that the bad guy is thinking much, much bigger. If what they suspected was bad, then what the evil mastermind truly has planned makes it look like a walk in the park. They should drop their jaws marvelling that they could have underestimated the dastardry of their nemesis so badly.

The looks on their faces should be well worth it.

Ahh, so they don't have the Lost Orb. Or at least, this researcher does not. He can only destroy a city.

Hmm: what if it was only trying to destroy a single city, the city of Coruscant?

Meanwhile, a surprise: a human face on Bria. Panels three and five make her look human. How old was she when she lost her dad? Old enough to remember being lectured with PowerPoint, yet young enough to be adopted as a child.

I'm not sure I understand that development. I'm not sure I understand that timeline. Heck, I'm not sure I understand this movie.

— Keybounce

And there we have it. The Peace Moon has been weaponised. Planet destruction is imminent.

While lecturing your children with PowerPoint may be a cruel and unusual punishment, I have personally found the reverse to be very effective!

As a kid I would frequently make PowerPoint presentations (or when I was much younger, a presentation with printed handouts for my parents), including charts and graphs and the results of my research in point-form. This was usually an effort to prove I needed certain new elements for my wardrobe, or to get me out of something I didn't want to do, but I can say for certain that parents simply don't know how to handle an under-13 kid calling them for a meeting and giving a PowerPoint presentation. They will buckle to your demands.

— aurilee


Galen: We've incorporated Stardust into the Peace Moon.
Chirrut: I knew it!
Galen: At current power levels it can destroy a city. With a larger power source, we could annihilate planets.
Chirrut: Uh oh...
Galen: On this slide you can see the key performance metrics.
Bria: {sobbing} Ugh, I can't bear to watch.
Bria: He always used to do this when I misbehaved as a kid.
Chirrut: He always used to develop giant apocalyptic superweapons?
Bria: No, lecture me with PowerPoint.
Chirrut: The fiend!

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Published: Sunday, 26 November, 2017; 02:11:01 PST.
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