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Episode 1578: An Immodest Proposal


You need to give projects and operations cool nicknames. Project Thunderbolt. Operation Furious Badger. Project Dendrite.

You can allude to the nature of the project, but make it subtle, so that you'd never guess what it's about until you learn the truth, but then it all makes a horrible sort of sense.

Admit it, now you're dying to know what Operation Furious Badger is. Use that on your players.

More exposition. I assume this is when they all learn about the Dea... Peace Moon, which I guess Bria's dad helped to design/build. I can't imagine this will have a positive effect on their relationship.

Of course, it's all in the name of Peace, so it can't possibly be evil, can it?

— aurilee

A 14-year-old. "That's a pretty name./Even better".

I'm starting to understand the wonder of including a small child in the game, as it lets the Comic Irregulars do all sorts of silly things with the screen caps.

"The fastest course to peace is to crush dissent with overwhelming destructive power" - this seems to be the behavior of real world leaders, of real world politics. The problem is, it doesn't work unless you get 100% completion. Let a small group of rebels stay alive and fester, and they can teach their children what they want them to believe, and overturn you. Would-be conquerors and occupiers in real-life have consistently found that people with a strong sense of cultural identity will continue to pass that cultural identity down no matter how much you try to force a new name, or a new label, or a new flag on them. Unless of course you can kill them all.

Project Stardust, use the power of stars to reduce planets to dust. All in the name of the fastest course to peace. This is of course, the Death Star, err, I mean the Peace Moon.

But if you need the Lost Orb to power the Peace Moon, and this weapon researcher has managed to develop it, then I think someone has found the Lost Orb.

Now for the bit I don't understand. If I have misunderstood this, please point out my error in the forum thread.

We have prisoners. Able to observe their guards, and talking back to their guards - without problem. Having a discussion with someone who is talking about letting them out. With guards nearby. Getting an info dump. From the number two behind your organization. With no complaints from the guards. Heck, we just saw Jabba himself a moment ago.

They are supposed to be prisoners, right?

Meanwhile, what happened to the kaboom? There was supposed to be a jail cell-door shattering kaboom! We saw the monk wave his hands, and that was supposed to set off the explosion, right?

— Keybounce


Kyle: Anyway, these cyber crystals document your father's role in the Empire.
Kyle: He prepared a PowerPoint file on the weapons systems he's developed.
Chirrut: Wait. Some evil mega-empire is delivering evil news via PowerPoint files?
GM: Same as in our world.
Chirrut: Fair enough, carry on.
Kyle: Here's the presentation.
Galen: {hologram} Project Stardust. A proposal to the Empire.
Galen: As we all know, the fastest course to peace is to crush dissent with overwhelming destructive power.
Galen: To this end, we've developed Project Stardust.
K-2SO: That's a pretty name.
Galen: The name refers to the fact that theoretically it can harness the power of stars to reduce planets to dust.
K-2SO: Oh.
K-2SO: Even better!

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Published: Thursday, 23 November, 2017; 02:11:01 PST.
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