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Episode 1580: Only You Can Prevent Apocalypses


If something significant is making a sound, you can drop in the sound effects in the middle of character conversation.

For example, if a disguise spell wears off at the last stroke of midnight, you can insert "bong" sounds in the middle of casual conversation between the PCs and <bong> the Prince. They'd be <bong> incredibly rude to break off the <bong> conversation, yet the Prince continues <bong> talking to them about his latest <bong> hunting expedition, the incursions of <bong> orcs on the northern borders, and <bong> his concerns about the reliability <bong> of his most senior advisor. The heroes <bong> have infiltrated this royal ball under the <bong> guise of nobles of the realm, but if revealed things <bong> could get very messy indeed...

Looks like Pete has his goal for this campaign now.

Because what kind of monk would he be without the unlimited power of an ancient artefact?

Now on a more practical note... if Jim is going to be in the party, he is going to seriously hinder any attempts at stealthiness. All his artificial limbs apparently clank, which means this will be full plate armour turned up to 11.

Thankfully I doubt they'll be doing much stealthing if K-2 is around, so I guess it all works out.

— aurilee

Ahh, so this researcher does not have the Lost Orb, but the Empire does, and the researcher knows this.

"Forest-fired power stations" - where are they going to find a forest that they can turn into fire to power a planet? The Endor World of Commerce is three movies away from here. (If a parsec can be time, then a movie can be distance.)

"To prevent an Apocalypse?" / "Err, sure". Ahh yes, Pete the power gamer. We have to get it, because that means we have it.

— Keybounce


Galen: Therefore we propose transferring the Empire's newly acquired power source away from Project Unlimited Power to Project Stardust.
GM: As Bria's father continues, it starts getting dark outside.
Kyle: Already? I go look out the window.
GM: You clank over to the window on your artificial legs.
[SFX]: clank
Galen: Projections show that forest-fired power stations can supply Coruscant's needs for the next 3000 years.
[SFX]: clank
Galen: But upgrading Project Stardust will allow full suppression of the Rebellion within our lifetime.
Galen: The reformed Peace Moon shown here represents the merest fraction of Stardust's potential.
[SFX]: clank
Galen: This concludes our proposal. Thank you for your attention.
Chirrut: This literally is a revelation.
Chirrut: He's talking about the Lost Orb, it has to be. Which means (a) they must have it, (b) we have to get it off them.
Cassian: To prevent an Apocalypse?
Chirrut: Er, sure.

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Published: Tuesday, 28 November, 2017; 02:11:01 PST.
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