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Episode 1537: Nun of the Above


Splitting the party is kind of old at this point. You would think by now that all of the players would know better. (Which episode had the CI's commenting "The party is never so split that you can't split it farther"? Wasn't that Episode III?) [Ed.: It was #832.]

So let's point out the obvious puns: nuns, and "habit". The narrator saying, "it's just convent-ional". God, these are bad.

So let's look at the film: we have these space nuns. In setting the scene, Lucasfilm went to the typical (for them) "let's have lots of colorful locals in the establishing shot to make it look like people actually live here, work here, etc." Which is a nice touch.

But they have lines of dialogue here. "If they're exporting sand, then we're farming moisture". They're not just throwaway NPCs; they're somebody that we will see again, in this scene in disguise. Not Jabba's agents. Investigating the star destroyer. Please tell me we don't have another Maul, private investigator.

So let's count sides. Side one is the city, and the star destroyer. Side two is the rebels, and Jabba. Side three is the disguised "nuns on the run".

I'd call for wild mass guessing, but it will all be in the spoiler thread and I'll never see it. But we're seeing something that's going to disrupt this entire campaign, or at the very least this first part on Tatooine.

— Keybounce

I guess the GM got those figurines on a whim... ple.

And how could he resist? There was a mass-ive sale.

If he had missed out, he would have been crabbey for a week.

I'm sorry. I'm done now. I'll get me to a punnery.

So... is sand exporting actually a thing they're doing? Does Kamino want to increase its tourism by adding some beaches?

The nice thing about Star Wars is that so much of it makes so little sense, you're basically willing to go along with whatever (unless it's obviously contradictory... cough midi-chlorians cough).

Contrast that with Star Trek, where it's accurate/plausible enough that you notice every little inconsistency and fans (including me) will spend hours discussing these things.

And, just to tie in the nuns with the Star Trek discussion, their outfits remind me a bit of Kai Opaka's outfit on Deep Space Nine. I guess pink-ish red habits with a box-like headpiece is standard fare for space-nuns.

— aurilee


GM: You know we're having a "meet your fellow PCs" intro?
Cassian: Yes, we figured that out.
K-2SO: You telling us was a big hint.
GM: ... and you've split the party before we even get there?
Cassian: Bria, you know Kyle Katarn. How do we find him?
Bria: He works for Jabba. Some of Jabba's agents should be in this market.
Cassian: Is that them? {indicates a pair of space nuns}
Space Nun 1: {softly} It's got to be a front.
Space Nun 2: {softly} If they're exporting sand, then we're farming moisture.
Bria: No.
Chirrut: Why are there even space nun miniatures on the table, then?
GM: It's just convent-ional scene setting.
Cassian: As is his habit.

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Published: Sunday, 20 August, 2017; 03:11:01 PDT.
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