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Episode 1536: Dropping His Guard


I wonder how Bria expects K-2 to do her laundry on a desert planet? Sandblasting? Lay the clothes out in the sun and have them disinfected by the UV rays? Some sort of space-dry-cleaning-apparatus that their ship comes equipped with? Maybe they're near a moisture farm?

And how do people on Tatooine typically do their laundry anyway? Dry cleaning is expensive, and I imagine that the moisture from moisture farms is dedicated to things like making alcoholic beverages.

Luke's outift in IV was not nearly dirty enough to have never been laundered... mysteries abound.

K-2, meanwhile, continues to be awesome. I hope he gets to slaughter people soon. Maybe some Jawas will try to ambush the ship.

Of course, since he's a rogue droid... he may not have any particular loyalties to Cassian. Perhaps he'll just decide to head into the city on a rampage.

I do wonder about that "here we go again" line. Is this a Noodle Incident we'll never learn about? Further reason to have a K-2 movie clearly.

— aurilee

Sally, this is turning into one of those plans. You know, a plan where you have to kill everyone? They are not good plans.

Now, exporting sand? Or perhaps a sand by-product. I'm still going with the space navigation spice idea, that would make a good export and that hovering star destroyer probably consumes a lot of it.

And I like how the GM's character has to remind them that the city is not the enemy! No more Episode I plot hijinks. But I love how that same GM character treats a droid so poorly—remember, this is well after Episode I's "We must thank this droid that saved us", "droids are human too" culture—as to treat a PC as an NPC maid/servant.

Oh, wait... It's an NPC treating a PC the way PC's treat NPC's. Ahh. Now it makes sense. How often do your PCs treat important NPCs as little more than scenery to be ordered around?

Now, a technicality to note: Panel 3, the focus is on the droid. The people are out of focus, fuzzy—the droid is the important person in the scene!

The Droid. Is Important. The people are not.

(Not just panel 3. Look at the lovely focus in panel 5, compared to all the others. Heck, panels 7 and 8. Anytime the attention is on the droid, it's well-focused; anytime the attention is on the people, it's poorly focused or out of focus.)

This feels to me like an important "what to expect later in the movie". If we are going to have a TPK, and we see that the droid is important, will the final action be a transmission from one droid to another—Sally's droid sending the data off to Pete's droid just before dying—with Sally's droid being the last man standing? ... Err, K-something or other. What's that droid name again? (check ... #1532 is the last published strip and doesn't have their names. Looking at my old emails ... K-2so. Or is to K-2s0? Letter, or number? And does this name have any significance? Any puns? Keso - isn't that "cheese" in Spanish? Hey, Google "cheese in spanish" - Google knows how to translate, and it's not spelled that way. So much for Spanish being "it's spelled how its sounds" like a teacher insisted... 38 years ago?)

— Keybounce


GM: You see a flotilla of shuttles flying between Jedha City and the star destroyer.
Cassian: {looking through macrobinoculars} Hmm. They must be taking something from the city.
Kyle: Sand. They're exporting... sand.
K-2SO: Or delivering something. We should shoot them.
Cassian: There's a risk of casualties if they crash into the city.
K-2SO: Two for one! Great!
Bria: The city isn't our enemy. Let's stick to the mission.
K-2SO: Why can't we stick to the mission and shoot everyone?
Cassian: Here we go again. If you're going to shoot everyone in sight, maybe you should stay here and guard the ship.
Bria: Here. You can do my laundry while we're away. {hands K-2SO a bag}
[SFX]: dump {he drops it}

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Published: Thursday, 17 August, 2017; 03:11:02 PDT.
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