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Episode 1205: Just Another Shtick in the Wall


Always have a back up plan. It doesn't matter if it's terrible, because honestly all PC plans are terrible anyway. The thing is to just have way more than one plan - that way maybe one of them will have a chance of working.


R2-D2: All right, I'm saying this in beeps only.
[SFX]: < bip doop po-biddle >
C-3PO: Mighty Jabba, he's saying this in beeps only.
R2-D2: By which I mean, Threepio, don't translate!
[SFX]: < doop po-biddle po-fipgi-doip-bedoop squee boop whiree-pating >
C-3PO: Mighty Jabba... Oh.
R2-D2: Here's Plan B. I'll hack into their network and search for the trace signature of the alcohol freeze unit.
[SFX]: < bip ezz dip-deep doop bleep bebedoop boppy-bop bababiwhree-spip kabeepop lita-taz prow >
C-3PO: Let me get this straight. Your grand plan is to scan the LAN to find a man named Han?
R2-D2: Not a fan?
[SFX]: < boop eevoo >
Jabba: I'm digging my heels in. Well, rear slimy bit anyway. Take these droids away!
Bib Fortuna: Second dungeon on the left? Past Captain Solo on the wall there?
Han: Surprise!

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Published: Friday, 13 November, 2015; 13:51:29 PST.
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