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Episode 1204: Base Invasion for Dummies


Ventriloquism is one of those skills that virtually nobody knows in real life, but which every second rogue and rascal knows in a roleplaying game.

If the real world had a similar skill distribution to your average game world, then half the people you meet on the street would be able to climb a sheer wall to get to the roof of a three storey building, sneak past a sleeping guard dog without waking it, and crack a safe within 30 seconds.

(And the other half would be able to throw explosive balls of fire from their bare hands.)


Luke: {hologram} Brilliant.
Luke: We're going to have to revise our plans.
Leia: No, our best plans involved the droids getting captured anyway.
Chewbacca: Actually, all our plans.
Luke: We still don't know exactly where Han is.
Han: Los Angeles.
Luke: Han, not Jim.
Han: Oh, him. Me. Yeah. Where am I?
GM: I'm typing you a message.
Han: Ooooh. You'll never guess.
GM: Allow me to remind you that you can't move your lips.
Han: Can I put some skill points in ventriloquism?

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Published: Tuesday, 02 June, 2015; 03:11:11 PDT.
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