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Episode 1203: Die Again


Rolling lots of dice is sheer sensory fun.

Rolling LOTS of dice can be somewhat of a chore.


GM: The pig-guards grab you.
Rogua: You're nicked! Oink!
R2-D2: Zap them with my shock probe! 1048576d4 damage!
Chewbacca: How are you going to roll that many dice? I thought you didn't trust random number generators.
R2-D2: Here's the plan. We put all the dice we have in this bucket, roll them on the floor, and take a photo with my phone.
R2-D2: This app identifies each individual die, the number rolled, the order the dice land in both x and y, and the orientation of each die to the nearest degree.
R2-D2: That gives just over 4897 bits of random information.
[SFX]: clatter clatter clatter
[SFX]: click
R2-D2: Okay, now we simply repeat this process 429 times.
GM: Or you can not bother, because the guards are immune to electrical damage.
R2-D2: What?
GM: They're humans in rubber pig suits. They're insulated.
Rogua: Jabba has sophisticated tastes. Oink oink!
Salacious Crumb: Oink oink!

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Published: Sunday, 31 May, 2015; 03:11:10 PDT.
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