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Episode 631: Eyjafjallajökull


It's important to minimise distractions when gaming. This is the reason games are often played indoors, at night time, sometimes even in basements or rooms without windows. And why the gaming rooms at conventions are the small internal rooms of the function centre, without any natural daylight.

Think about it. You never see a group of gamers with their rule books, character sheets, and dice out in the park on a fine sunny day, or sitting on the beach, or sitting in the plaza in the middle of the city.*

* Chess players don't count. Chess is a poor substitue for a real tactical combat wargame anyway. Why do clergy members only move diagonally? How can a random foot soldier get a field promotion to Queen?? Where are the terrain and weather modifiers???


[SFX]: roll roll roll...
[SFX]: roll roll...
Die: TWO
Anakin: Uh oh.
Obi-Wan: In response, I—
[SFX]: crackle crackle
Obi-Wan: Sweet mother, what is happening to that die?!?!
[SFX]: Fwoosh!
GM: Er... Obi-Wan, you disarm Anakin.
[SFX]: crackle spark
Obi-Wan: Uh... good.
GM: At the elbow.
Obi-Wan: Sorry about that.
GM: And both knees.
[SFX]: Whooosh! Fooom!
Obi-Wan: Right.
[SFX]: fizzfizzfizz...
GM: Anakin, your limbs land in the lava.
Anakin: Good, good...
[SFX]: Kafwoosh!
GM: Is anyone even listening?

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Published: Tuesday, 04 October, 2011; 03:11:02 PDT.
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