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Episode 410: Let Me Explain... No, There is Too Much. Let Me Sum Up


As with the end of Episode I, we're having a brief intermission before moving on from Episode II to III.

We know many of you have worked it out by now, but here is the plan the GM drew up for the mysterious fantasy campaign that the players played in the break between the first two chronicled adventures. (If you're still not familiar with it, this should provide enough information to Google it up.)


{A page showing the GM's handwritten notes}
Heading: NEW ADVENTURE - low-magic fantasy
List item: Jim {note: Barbarian}
List item: Ben {note: Swordsman, very skilled but prone to alcoholism - include a temptation somewhere}
List item: Pete
List item: Sally ?
List item: Annie X - exams :-(
Paragraph: The populace of the kingdom of Florin are restless, suffering under the king's heavy taxation. The Crown Prince Humperdinck {note: use upper class British accent} sees his impending marriage to the beautiful commoner Buttercup as an opportunity to improve the royal family's image. He hires a group of mercenaries (the PCs) to help. Their job is to fake some border incidents with the neighbouring kingdom of Guilder. He suggests that if the PCs can make it look like soldiers from Guilder want to kidnap the Princess-to-be and foil the wedding, the people will rise to support the Prince in a war against the attackers.
Marginal note: Potential ally NPCs: Max & Valerie, former royal healers - fired by Prince. Hold a grudge. Albino slave.
Paragraph: While the PCs engage in whatever plan they come up with, an actual kidnapper appears in the form of the legendary Dread Pirate Ackbar {crossed out} Roberts! He takes Buttercup away on his pirate ship. The PCs should give chase, but Roberts is very clever & an expert swordsman, so they will be unable to kill or capture him. They should eventually talk to him. It turns out that Roberts is actually Buttercup's first and true love, Westley, thought lost at sea five years earlier!
Marginal note: New monster: shrieking eels
Marginal note: Planned encounter areas: Cliffs of Insanity! Fire Swamp: flame spurts, lightning sand, GIANT RATS.
Paragraph: Westley is a Robin Hood type figure, who explains the plight of the commoners is being caused by the greedy and ambitious Prince. His father, the king, is a good man, but succumbing to age. The Prince is now manipulating the kingdom's affairs with the help of the Vizier, Count Dooku {crossed out} Rugen. {note: Has a goatee! Should be fun when others don't believe Jim he's evil!} The Prince's plan is to blame everything on his father and emerge as the good guy, with a new bride and newly conquered territory.
Paragraph: The PCs now have to decide who to believe, and what to do about the complex situation. {note: Raiding the castle would be suicide!}
Marginal note: Pete wants Short and Ugly in exchange for bonus levels in Poisons skill.
Marginal note: Ben wants a significant NPC enemy in his back-story. This can be the Vizier. (killed his father!!)

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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