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Episode 409: Mawwiage


Ceremonies make good rolepaying occasions. Ceremonies are often mostly scripted events, but with some room for interpretation by the participants without being the usual free-for-all that characterises most in-game events. This allows players to free themselves from worrying about what they should be doing and lets them get a bit creative with the small bits that they are allowed to improvise. It can also give the GM some time to take centre stage and act out a scene of prepared action and dialogue.

Such scenes can make excellent closers for adventures. If the heroes have won the day, have them attend an award ceremony where the king presents them with a medal or a knighthood. Write some suitably ceremonial dialogue and have the players give formalised responses at appropriate moments, possibly allowing them to compose part of their original scripts themselves ahead of time, or letting them react and ad-lib on the spot.

It may not be a huge battle, but it can be just as, or even more memorable. And that's just if it all goes according to plan... You could also set up the next adventure by having the ceremony dramatically interrupted partway through. Think the ending of On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Do that to your players, and you can bet they'll come back for more next time you run the campaign.


C-3PO: Yay! A wedding! I help design the outfits!
Celebrant: Your vows?
Padmé: Ooh! me first!
Padmé: I vow to honour and cherish and... love you. And to take revenge on Count Sudoku for cutting your hand off.
Anakin: I vow never to hurt you. Ever. I won't be jealous, or arrogant, or manipulative towards you.
Padmé: I vow to use everything within my power to help you.
Padmé: Hey, I'm still a Senator, right? Cool.
Anakin: I vow not to abuse said connections to power. And with your help I will fight injustice and suffering.
Celebrant: Okay. That's beautiful.
C-3PO: Kiss the bride!
GM: Right then. If we're done, let's call the adventure finished.
R2-D2: Awesome game.
Padmé: {quietly} Say, Annie... er...
Anakin: {quietly} Yes, Jim?
Padmé: {quietly} Do you... want to go see a movie tomorrow night?
Anakin: {quietly} Sure. I'd like that.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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