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Cheddar Monk Academy - Challenges

Cheddar Monk Academy | Challenges | Padawans

Laser Sword, Level 1: Build your Laser Sword

All Cheddar Monks must be able to build a laser sword from scratch. For this challenge, you must provide (1) a photo of yourself in your Cheddar Monk robes, showing the pieces out of which you will construct your laser sword, and (2) yourself in your robes wielding the completed laser sword.

Post your photos on the net and post a link in the Cheddar Monk Academy forum.

We note that some Padawans already have functional laser swords. This challenge is not about having a laser sword, but about building one. So to pass you must build a new one.

Cheddar Monk points: 5 to 7, based on construction techniques

Padawans who have completed this task

PadawanPoints earned   Time (GMT)Notes
MoonHitler6   2009-09-30 09:00:11   A good result, though the steps in your method are unorthodox! Photos here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here.
pjt337   2009-09-30 09:02:34   Flawless construction, as evidenced by the stable energy field of the active blade. Photos here, here, here.
Quouar5   2009-10-03 23:30:15   A construction has been performed, but the Masters wonder as to the efficacy of the result under combat conditions. Photos here and here.
Slerte7   2009-10-06 07:20:53   Using Force Manipulation to assemble a laser sword in mid-air shows talent indeed. Video here.
IWC Junkie7   2009-10-06 07:21:56   A meticulous construction procedure has yielded excellent results. Photostream here.
Baby Wan Kanobi6   2009-10-18 01:58:00   A nice sword... But what is more remarkable is the amazingly resilient synthskin this youngling appears to possess. Photos here, here, here.
Jimmymick7   2009-10-21 09:55:11   A good example of the dangerous double-bladed laser sword. We trust you will pay attention in laser sword combat class, lest you lose an arm! Photos here and here.
jayana7   2009-10-21 09:57:11   Clear demonstration of mastery of laser sword building. Well done! Photos here.
DaveK6   2009-10-24 23:13:47   A good result, but are those off-the-shelf preconstructed laser sword parts? Photos here, here, here, here.
Taneb6   2009-11-06 22:03:25   A good first attempt. Your construction and detailing skills will improve with experience. Photos here and here.
Hieraco7   2009-11-15 06:14:58   An excellent tutorial in constructing a laser sword. Outstanding results. Photos here.
Stey Va Nin6   2009-11-26 08:36:25   A good first attempt and the sword is clearly functional. Some attention to decorative detailing would make this perfect. Photos here.
Lupy6   2010-01-15 06:11:20   A good first laser sword. Your skills will improve with practice. Photos here, here, here, here.
Sesquepadalia7   2010-01-23 23:29:30   An excellent step-by-step tutorial in laser sword construction. The blade length is a concern, but you are clearly on the path to the dual-wielding style, which can be effective with shorter swords.
Lantus Nova6   2010-01-25 22:40:05   A good start, though your skills need to be honed further on a full sized sword. Photos here, here, here, here, here.
Mala Kethel8   2010-02-03 10:07:54   An exemplary demonstration of how to build a laser sword! We hope the other Padawans pay attention to this one. The self-accompaniment on piano earns a bonus point! Video here.
jadedflames6   2010-06-04 07:14:48   Excellent job of using local materials to build a custom sword. Blog here.
Deus4   2010-07-07 08:41:39   Partial points for a quality construction, but not following the full instructions of the challenge. Photo here.
crtlion6   2010-09-15 08:07:15   A good result for a Padawan's first laser sword. Photos here, here, here, here, here.

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