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Cheddar Monk Academy - Challenges

Cheddar Monk Academy | Challenges | Padawans

Force Jump, Level 1: Standing Jump

Take a photo of yourself, wearing your Cheddar Monk robes, in mid-air. Post it somewhere on the Internet and post a link to it in the Cheddar Monk Academy forum.

Cheddar Monk points: 3

Padawans who have completed this task

PadawanPoints earned   Time (GMT)Notes
Darth_Mozzarella3   2009-09-15 09:14:49   First Padawan to achieve Force Jump Level 1. Photo.
Faiz3   2009-09-16 11:30:53   Photo here. An excellent example!
archer 94803   2009-09-19 00:56:13   Photo here. The Cheddar Masters award the points, but are concerned about your dedication.
JackSlack3   2009-09-19 07:08:14   Oh, what a feeling the Masters have that this one is worthy. Photo here.
Bridie3   2009-09-19 23:18:27   Photo here. A most dignified display of Force Jumping.
pjt334   2009-09-19 23:21:16   Photo here. An excellent display, +1 style point for thinking to use an authentic Soro-Suub imager.
Quouar3   2009-09-19 23:22:35   Photo here. Causing other younglings to cower in awe is a good sign.
steel_butterfly3   2009-09-21 07:56:27   Photo here. A good jump within a confined space.
Alasir3   2009-09-24 07:16:11   Photo here. A peaceful spot where Force jumping can be practised in harmony with nature.
Hieraco3   2009-09-29 10:46:34   A fine display of Force Jumping, but you must learn control! Photos here, here, here, here, here.
KaliaofOnderon3   2009-10-02 23:59:33   A tricky Force Jump, leaping up on to that wall while facing the other way! Photo here.
Slerte3   2009-10-03 23:01:20   A strong Force Jump performance. Video here.
Baby Wan Kanobi3   2009-10-15 07:57:03   An assisted jump is satisfactory for one so young, but you will be expected to master this skill before graduation! Photo here.
DarthSpurious3   2009-10-20 06:24:09   A fine jump in a confined space. More room will you need to master advanced levels! Photo here.
Sesquepadalia3   2009-10-20 06:26:48   A fine jump, showing good use of hand-moderated Force control. Photo here.
jayana3   2009-10-21 09:49:13   An excellent demonstration of learning to flow with the Force to improve your ability. Photos here.
DaveK3   2009-10-24 23:07:26   A fine jump, though the Force may be affecting your camera's focus. Photo here.
Jimmymick3   2009-11-15 06:23:10   A very satisfactory jump. Photo here.
RWT3   2009-11-16 06:54:56   A very athletic jump! It was wise to perform it on a training ground. Photo here.
CaseyG4   2009-12-05 22:41:17   A brave display of Force Jumping in the face of hostile aliens earns this demonstration +1 style point. Video here.
Mary Leathert3   2009-12-21 06:29:02   Plenty of elevation in this outdoor jump.
Archon3   2010-02-24 10:10:21   A very ambitious jump for a Padawan. We foresee great things ahead for you. Photo here.
IWC Junkie3   2010-08-05 07:56:57   A solid basic jumping technique. Video here.
crtlion3   2010-08-24 09:26:07   A good jump, combining with the Levitation challenge! Photo here.

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