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Cheddar Monk Academy - Challenges

Cheddar Monk Academy | Challenges | Padawans

Negotiation, Level 2: Suggest a Challenge

Send an e-mail to the Cheddar Masters (address at the bottom of this page) suggesting a possible future Cheddar Monk Challenge. Points will be awarded for appropriateness, creativity, and practicality. If we use your challenge, you will automatically score full points for this challenge.

Cheddar Monk points: 2 to 5

Padawans who have completed this task

PadawanPoints earned   Time (GMT)Notes
cappy5   2009-12-14 10:20:37   Full points for suggesting this challenge, obviously!
Hieraco4   2010-01-11 06:01:00   Several good ideas submitted. We may use one or two later on.
Baby Wan Kanobi5   2010-01-11 06:02:06   Excellent idea for a difficult challenge.
pjt335   2010-01-11 06:03:27   A most excellent suggestion!
Feefers5   2010-01-11 06:04:34   An excellent suggestion, now used as Creativity, Level 1.
Graeshka4   2010-01-11 06:05:10   An interesting an open-ended suggestion.
Yarn5   2010-01-11 06:06:45   A straightforward challenge, very usable.
MoonHitler4   2010-01-11 06:09:02   An intriguing and difficult challenge suggestion. Perhaps later in the year as Padawans gain more skills.
MarioFanaticXV4   2010-01-11 06:09:53   A simple but interesting suggestion.
Stey Va Nin4   2010-01-12 06:04:31   Intriguing suggestions, which may prove useful later...
IWC Junkie4   2010-01-12 06:13:19   A very interesting suggestion which might be used later in the semester.
Taneb4   2010-01-23 23:06:24   An intriguing possibility, though perhaps a bit too advanced for some of the class.
DaveK4   2010-01-23 23:11:21   Indeed it is good to understand the ways of the Dark Side in order to better resist it, but such an advanced task may challenge padawans too much. We shall see later in the year...
Lantus Nova4   2010-01-23 23:22:03   A couple of good suggestions for advanced laser sword work. We shall see if the class is ready for them later in the year.
Bionicle is cool.4   2010-02-05 06:12:27   An interesting and unusual suggestion! We may use this one later in the year.
Archon4   2010-02-24 10:00:53   An interesting test of Padawan's abilities, you propose. Perhaps we will use it...
Sesquepadalia4   2010-02-24 10:03:06   A very worthy challenge indeed for our students. We shall see if we can use it.
zivlok4   2010-03-15 09:35:53   An interesting and very possible challenge. We shall consider it.
Mary Leathert5   2010-03-15 10:06:48   A tricky and difficult challenge! We will use this one if the students seem ready for it near the end of the year.
kolikeos5   2010-03-19 06:27:10   Suggestion of the chocolate dice challenge was a brilliant idea.
Hurricane4   2010-03-29 06:09:33   A dangerous suggestion, though perhaps suitable for advanced Padawans.
Heron5   2010-03-29 06:39:04   Intriguing and challenging suggestions! These may come in useful later in the academic year.
Mala Kethel5   2010-06-07 09:19:07   Excellent suggestions... heh heh heh...
jadedflames4   2010-06-08 08:43:44   A good suggestion, perhaps good enough to use - we shall see!
Slerte5   2010-09-11 23:53:24   Good challenge suggestions.
agentorrange5   2010-09-11 23:58:03   Two potentially suitable challenges. We shall see.
crtlion5   2010-09-14 07:54:18   Two excellent suggestions.

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