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Cheddar Monk Academy - Challenges

Cheddar Monk Academy | Challenges | Padawans

Charity, Level 1: Make a Donation

The Jane Goodall Institute is a registered international charitable organisation dedicated to environmental awareness, habitat preservation, non-invasive wildlife research, and third world health and education. Donations may be tax deductible under laws in your country. A Cheddar Monk would of course support this cause. Make your donation using the online donation form. You will receive an e-mailed conformation of your donation. Send a copy of the e-mail to the address at the bottom of this page. To qualify for points, your donation must be US$2 or more. The exact amount does not matter - style points will not be awarded for larger donations. (You may remove your real name, address, and last 4 digits of your credit card from the confirmation e-mail.)

It has come to the attention of the Cheddar Masters that Padawans in some countries cannot donate to JGI using the web form. Padawans in this situation may use their initiative to make alternative arrangements to demonstrate their level of charity.

Footnote: Total amount donated by Padawans so far: US$432.

Cheddar Monk points: 2

Padawans who have completed this task

PadawanPoints earned   Time (GMT)Notes
Revan2   2009-09-15 21:55:57   First Padawan to complete Charity Level 1 challenge.
ObeeKris2   2009-09-16 07:44:49   The Cheddar Masters are pleased with this display of charity.
Newtbane2   2009-09-16 21:45:08   A most charitable contribution.
CaseyG2   2009-09-17 21:10:44   Your charitable contribution is noted.
Bridie2   2009-09-19 00:08:13   A most worthy display of charity.
Magicwings2   2009-09-19 05:58:29   Charitable contribution is noted.
JackSlack3   2009-09-21 07:41:56   Overcame great difficulties to demonstrate this level of charity! Well done. The Cheddar Masters award a bonus point! Photos: here, here, here, here, here, here.
IWC Junkie2   2009-09-23 07:34:17   A most generous donation! A very promising Padawan in the charity field.
praetorian132   2009-09-23 07:41:38   Charity demonstrated, but following instructions needs work, as Padawan name was not supplied! (Fortunately the Cheddar Masters are wise enough to divine it without being told.)
Tengwar2   2009-09-23 07:45:35   A fine display of charity and initiative.
KaliaofOnderon2   2009-09-23 07:51:01   You have demonstrated your charitable nature.
lnthomp2   2009-09-25 11:05:59   Your prior dedication to charity stands you in good stead upon entering the Academy.
darthmandinga2   2009-09-26 05:58:21   A generous contribution well worthy of the challenge points.
TehRoss2   2009-09-29 07:47:05   Charitable donation gratefully acknowledged.
onlytheoretical2   2009-10-02 07:19:16   A generous contribution to mark your entry into the Academy.
Jimmymick2   2009-10-18 01:34:15   Charitable contribution graciously accepted for your enrolment in the Academy. Photos of the trials overcome to make the donation shown here.
Stey Va Nin2   2009-10-20 05:58:16   A worthy contribution to mark your joining the Academy. This Padawan has posted her experience here.
jayana2   2009-10-21 09:46:04   A generous display of charity through alternate means is worthy of points. Documented here.
agentorrange2   2009-10-22 06:19:01   A generous donation marks true charity!
GM Kriim2   2009-11-03 21:38:37   Welcome to the Academy; your donation is appreciated!
gerth60002   2009-11-18 08:54:52   A worthy donation, thank you!
Slerte2   2009-11-18 09:34:26   Another fine donation from a worthy Padawan, thank you!
Hieraco2   2010-01-02 01:13:03   A donation to Free the Slaves in support of Padawan Metruis' Level 2 Charity challenge. Thank you! Padawan Metruis drew this picture of Padawan Hieraco's kitty.
Lupy2   2010-01-15 06:14:16   Your donation is noted, thank you!
Mary Leathert2   2010-03-16 06:54:20   A donation to the Red Cross, who perform charitable work across the Galaxy! And donation made in Cheddar robes as required, well done. Photos here, here, here.
Heron2   2010-03-17 09:30:04   Your donation is most gratefully acknowledged!
crtlion2   2010-08-05 08:02:21   Your generosity has you on the way to Cheddar Monkhood.
Feefers2   2010-09-04 23:08:24   Donation noted!
AnnieFan2   2010-09-04 23:08:55   Donation noted!
Pasha Schiff2   2010-09-04 23:09:51   Donation noted!
Faiz2   2010-09-04 23:10:28   Donation Noted!
Panpear2   2010-09-04 23:11:17   Donation noted!
HollyhockPadawan2   2010-09-04 23:11:55   Donation noted!

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