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Blern 50: Rock and Reroll

Blern 50: Rock and Reroll

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The best way to stop an out-of-control vehicle is to hit something solid.

Like a planet.

Fortunately, most times you're in an out-of-control vehicle there's one nearby.

In the real world of the Hypnotoads & Hyperchickens universe, of course, Futurama doesn't exist. That's the premise of this entire comic, after all. But most of the other things we know and love (such as suicide booths) do, albeit modified by the lack of Futurama:


Professor Farnsworth: Good news everyone! We're nearly at the air force base.
Leela: Uh, Professor, that's a no-fly zone.
Professor Farnsworth: Uhwha...?
Doctor Zoidberg: Oh nosa!
Leela: They'll shoot us down like space-flies!
Fry: To complete this quest we only need to get one party member into the zone, right?
Professor Farnsworth: We need a plan. Anyone? Jim?
Fry: Uh oh. I better strap myself in.
Leela: Good call.
Bender: Okay, aim for that rock outcrop.
Leela: Which side do you want to go around?
Bender: The middle! We need the ship to stop as suddenly as possible.
Leela: Wha—
[SFX]: Fling!!!
Bender: {flying through the air} Wait, we need to do it again! I forgot the detonator!

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