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Player Characters

Bender Bending Rodriguez Bender Bending Rodriguez played by Jim.

Bender is a bending unit robot.

Jim is a rather gung-ho roleplayer, interested in action, cool fight scenes, and lucrative spoils over careful consideration or puzzle solving. He frequently acts before he thinks, which includes fixating on his own strange explanations for setting details that the GM hasn't explained yet.

Professor Hubert Farsnworth Professor Hubert Farsnworth played by Pete.

Professor Hubert Farsnworth is an eccentric old inventor and owner of the Planet Express delivery company.

Pete is an old friend of Jim's. Jim invited him along to join in this new game. Pete designed a character to maximise all the skills he thought would come in most useful in a futuristic mad science game, at the cost of being Incredibly Old, Incredibly Short-Sighted, and Incredibly Absent-Minded.

Doctor Zoidberg Doctor Zoidberg played by Sally.

Doctor Zoidberg is the Planet Express medical officer.

Sally is somewhat younger than the other players, but has grown to be an integral part of their gaming group. She has an active imagination and enjoys inventing details about the game setting and characters. Her gaming style is maturing as she grows older.

Turanga Leela Turanga Leela played by Annie.

Leela is the Planet Express spaceship pilot.

Annie was interested to come along and see what this "roleplaying games" thing was all about, hearing it was a sort of improvisational acting thing. She is dedicated to playing her character as a real, complex person with motivations inspired by a well-considered backstory.

Philip J. Fry Philip J. Fry played by Corey.

Fry is a twentieth century human accidentally frozen for 1000 years and revived in the year 3000.

Corey is Pete's nephew and was keen to play the "cool roleplaying game" that Pete told him about. The GM invited him to join, but Corey was surprised to find that there were no computers involved. He is new to the world of tabletop RPG gaming.

Non-Player Characters

Amy Wong Amy Wong.

Amy is an engineering intern at Planet Express. Professor Farnsworth thinks she's a lazy ditz but Fry thinks she's kinda hot. Who is right remains to be seen.

Zapp Brannigan Zapp Brannigan.

Zapp Brannigan is the leader of Earth's space military. He uses his great wisdom and popularity to keep Earth safe from alien menaces and conquer strange new worlds and civilisations. How exactly he gets away with this is a mystery.

Hermes Conrad Hermes Conrad.

Hermes is the Planet Express bureaucrat. He keeps an eye on the company and tries to keep everyone out of trouble, which seems to be a very difficult thing to do with so many PCs around.

Kif Croker Kif Croker.

Kif is Zapp Brannigan's lieutenant and personal assistant. His main concern is finding his lost homeworld of Phanastacoria.

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