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Episode 2450: Space Bar Mastery


We recently said that Hacking is usually unrealistic in games. But of course it's also unrealistic in most fiction, so at least you can claim to be emulating established fiction rather than real life.

Generalising this, this is a fairly good principle to keep in mind. A roleplaying game doesn't need to be a faithful simulation of reality. It just needs to be a half-decent simulation of literary and cinematic fiction. In fact, it's probably better that way.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Timing problem, ignored! Though I guess it's a sneaking mission of some kind into the.... rusty grate on the stern? I know it's most likely the exhaust on one of the engines given the same coloring as the middle panel, but it really looks like a random vent with vertical supports that are super rusty and pitted. Which totally makes sense given the used past future of Star Wars, but this looks a little too used for the First Order.

Anyway, I really should have figured out that the group would try and sneak aboard instead of crashing in. Hacking really does work best if the hack isn't noticed until it's too late. I am also a little disappointed it isn't BB-8 doing the hacking, but droids do get the short end of the stick for being shown doing things in Star Wars, so that makes sense. Corey is probably still busy working out things with the spreadsheet of orders anyway. Gotta have a plan to maximize the order spoofing once they're in!

I do have to say, I like that they're going at the Supremacy from underneath. Space being an ocean is great and all, but after so many instances of that over the years, it's nice to see writers playing around with the idea of a third dimension now and then. Plus, it gives the artists a chance to show off more details of the ship that aren't usually seen. I don't get why there's dragons here though. A reference to their location on the detectors perhaps?


GM: DJ’s HiperDryve ship emerges from hyperspace near the stern of the Supremacy.
Finn: All right. How do we get on board?
DJ: Sidere mens eadem mutato. I hack their proximity sensors.
Rose: That’s gotta be difficult.
DJ: I type rapidly, seemingly at random, on a keypad.
[SFX]: clack clack clack clack clack {typing}
GM: That’s not how hacking works. There’s an encrypted handshake protocol—
DJ: My character sheet says I have 16 ranks in Hacking.
Finn: I guess that is how hacking works.
[SFX]: clack clack
GM: ... All right, roll.
DJ: 15.
GM: You cause a transient glitch in their intrusion detectors and slip through unnoticed.
[SFX]: tap tap {a nameless First Order systems monitor taps his screen to see if the glitch resolves}
DJ: Hic sunt dracones...
Rose: Why all the Latin?
DJ: Space Latin.
DJ: I studied to be a space lawyer.
BB-8: Now I know why you were described as extremely dangerous.

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Published: Tuesday, 09 April, 2024; 02:11:02 PDT.
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