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Episode 2449: Fataller Traction


This is where all those James Bond villains got it wrong. When they're in your lair, put restraints on them!

The daring escape is a nice adventure scenario, but at least make the villains behave sensibly and make it difficult for the heroes to get free.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Kylo senses Rey and has her brought in, check! And proceeds to have Rey handcuffed. Not foreseen, but makes sense. Sort of.

Kylo probably wouldn't be able to just direct stormtroopers around as he likes with Snoke still in charge. So for now, pretending to have captured Rey makes sense. At least, I'm assuming that Rey won't simply just jump out of the escape pod and start attacking. If Pete thought he could win by doing that, he totally would. But movie-Rey doesn't seem to have been that level of recklessness; she's done some ill-advised things like climbing into that wall coffin, but that could be argued as just finding a hiding spot to stay alive.

So will Snoke be attacked and dethroned to make it safer for Rey to wander around the Supremacy free? Maybe. I think it's maybe a little more likely that the Raddus flying into the Supremacy as an ablative dropship causes a chain reaction that sets Rey loose. It'd be weird for Rey to have defected and then immediately changed sides again, but it probably makes a little bit more sense in the movie. Something like Kylo telling Rey on the Force Phonecall that he'd be able to let the Resistance escape if she turns herself in, perhaps.


GM: Kylo Ren senses Rey’s presence, and gets an alert about the escape pod.
Kylo Ren: Tractor it into the hangar. Assemble a security detail to meet me there.
GM: The pod enters the Supremacy’s fighter bay.
Kylo Ren: Will you walk into my parlour?
Rey: Just open the pod and I’ll be able to.
Kylo Ren: Cuff her.
Rey: What?
Kylo Ren: First rule of the Dark Side: Why be straightforward when you can be allegorical?
[SFX]: kk-chunk!! {troopers open heavy hand shackles}

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Published: Sunday, 07 April, 2024; 02:11:02 PDT.
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