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Episode 2245: Grab Your Probe and Let’s Start Shorting


Some people have a good idea what sort of actions might work in certain situations, while other people have never learnt those things. Technical or specialised problems come up a lot in game scenarios. You can simply say you "try to fix it" and let the dice decide, but it's more fun to actually try something descriptive.

Even if in reality it's a stupid idea, it can make the circumstances more interesting and fun for everyone. Especially if the actions are slightly silly, but end up working anyway.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Now this? This is the proper time to jumper over a fuse. It's the middle of a fight, and those weapons need to be up now. It'll probably damage things in the X-wing a ton in the end, but that's better than the bombers getting shot down. Presuming there are bombers that'll make an appearance of some kind anyway; this has too much of a weird feeling for the Resistance to come out on top here. If Allan could actually damage a ship enough for others to fly around safely, why would the Resistance be running away?

I find it interesting that the movie is actually showing a repair being done this early in the movie. Episode IV had it as a tense moment towards the end at the climactic fight; Episode V had the Falcon needing repairs pretty much the whole time. Is this meant to be something similar? It would be funny from the perspective of the comic if Allan's X-Wing needed repairs of some kind the whole time after this, but I don't think it'd work as well in the movie.


[SFX]: zzzzt... zzzzt...
BB-8: All right, if the fuse has gone, I’ll plug it with a probe.
[SFX]: plug!
GM: <roll>
GM: You fix that circuit, but another fuse starts sparking.
BB-8: So that clearly had a chance of working. I’ll plug the second one.
[SFX]: zzzzt... zzzzt...
GM: You’re using metal probes to bridge blown fuses that are sparking across the gap?
[SFX]: plug!
BB-8: Yeah.
GM: Two metal probes from the same metal utility arm, to bridge two unrelated open circuits?
BB-8: You say that like it’s a bad idea.
GM: Just getting context for how serious a disaster table I’m rolling on here.
[SFX]: Kpow!
[SFX]: Zzzzt...
GM: <roll>

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Published: Sunday, 18 December, 2022; 01:11:05 PST.
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