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Episode 2217: Snoke and Errors


If you happen to be an underling reporting to an evil overlord, you may as well play it casual and cool, since you know you're probably going to get sacrificed at some point anyway.

Now imagine a game scenario where a local lord advertises for a group of eager young adventuring types to work for them. The patron sends them on various quests to retrive interesting items. Only slowly do the naive heroes put together the clues that they're working for the bad guy. If you start this campaign cleverly, you can hide that fact from your players for several adventures, making the discovery all the more stunning when they finally join the dots.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Huh, Snoke is actually rather subdued here. I'm actually somewhat surprised by that given his superweapon is currently exploding. Maybe he's not actually responsible for it in the movie? Or he's got a backup under construction already? If Disney is going all in on matching the Original Trilogy, then we'd be due to have an even bigger Peace Moon in the 9th episode. Assuming this one completely explodes of course and doesn't get repaired instead.

And having Hux go rescue Kylo was not something I'd guessed was going to happen either. I suppose this could just be a comic thing, but now there's a task that Hux can try and do that'd let him live to the next movie. It's also amusing that Sally is essentially throwing her own character under the bus. And getting another dig in at her brother while she's at it.


Snoke: Where’s Kylo Ren?
General Hux: He went off to find Rey Solo.
[SFX]: Rumble {the chamber is collapsing around Hux and the hologram of Snoke}
Snoke: I thought he’d captured her.
General Hux: Yes, but you know how it is.
[SFX]: crunch
General Hux: Also, some Resistance pilots got through the defence shield somehow.
Snoke: So I assume the Peace Moon is blowing up?
General Hux: Pretty much.
[SFX]: Collapse
[SFX]: zzzt! {Snoke's hologram starts to break up}
Snoke: Find Ren and bring him to me.
General Hux: You want to complete his training?
[SFX]: kz-zzzt!
Snoke: No. I never want to see him again. I’m figuring that if I order you to bring him here, I never will.

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Published: Thursday, 13 October, 2022; 02:11:04 PDT.
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