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Episode 2216: Manual Labour


When you get reports from underlings, you kind of just have to assume that things are going to be bad. Underlings almost never get to report successes. Think about it. How often have you ever seen a scene where some underlings report to the Big Bad that things are going perfectly according to plan and the heroes have been thoroughly bamboozled?

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ahhh, so maybe it's just parts of the hexagon base that are blowing up so far, not the whole thing. That's fair enough I suppose; not everything is going to transmute into explodium once critical systems are hit. I'm imagining these characters scrambling around in the movie to try and figure out how to evacuate. Or just lots of reports on what exactly is exploding with some subtext of complaining about it too.

Wow, is this really the time for a report? I guess as a general, Hux wouldn't have much else he could do while the underlings scramble to fix things or prep for an escape. But still, he must have been the one to put the call through or Snoke the holo-giant has Force powers to compel answering a call, because this is not the time to give a face-to-face update. Fixing the current dilemma of "standing on exploding Peace Moon" should be the highest priority. To borrow from Episode IV, this is so not a moment of triumph.


GM: Lieutenant Rodinon watches the Peace Moon breaking up from the control room.
[SFX]: Kaboom!
Colonel Datoo: {off screen} Lieutenant!
[SFX]: boom! {the Peace Moon keeps blowing up subtly in the background}
Lieutenant Rodinon: Colonel?
[SFX]: boom!
Colonel Datoo: I have an important job for you.
Lieutenant Rodinon: Yes?
[SFX]: kaboom!
[SFX]: boom!
Colonel Datoo: Go through Galen Erso’s printed documentation and find out what a “metachronic instability” error message means.
Lieutenant Rodinon: Yes, sir!
{meanwhile, in another part of the control bunker}
Snoke: Administrator Snoke demands a report from Hux!
General Hux: Funny thing, Administrator...
Snoke: How have you failed me again this time?
General Hux: You know how everything is always Galen Erso’s fault?

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Published: Tuesday, 11 October, 2022; 02:11:06 PDT.
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