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<     Episode 2098: Lost Horizon — The Alleged End of Chandrila     >

Episode 2098: Lost Horizon — The Alleged End of Chandrila


Bingo is a fun supplementary game that you can play while playing a roleplaying game. Make some cards with common events that occur in games, and hand them out to players at the start of the session. The first player to complete five in a row gets some sort of in-game reward: Advantage on the next die roll, a favour from the town mayor, or a minor magic item.

Some possible events: Party splits up, caravan attacked by bandits, someone falls into a pit trap, you meet a mysterious stranger in a tavern, a princess is kidnapped, shipwreck, cursed magic item, total party kill.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hmmm..... Ohhhhhhh..... Uh oh. Nute might not be the reason the survey data is no longer accurate. The Ahch-To map isn't accurate any longer because the First Order has been firing test shots! And here I'd thought that the drifting of astronomical objects over time plus time travel would mess things up, like the way a river or other bodies of water can change its place and mess up borders. I'm not sure if this fact is better or worse than the fact that they seem to have hit the wrong target. At least the New Republic has some warning for the next shot in this case. Maybe the Peace Moon has a long charge up time?

I'm getting the feeling this scene with R2-D2 wasn't actually this long in the movie; a lot of the frames look about the same judging by the position of Artoo's dome to the front blue plates. Either that, or Artoo isn't actually turned on at the moment. The white circle on the dome head usually has a red light or something there right? Hm, and I suppose those aren't mutually exclusive. This would explain the tarp at least, but then there's the question of why bother showing Artoo at all if he's turned off or dead in the first place here.


Zeppo: I can rescue Rey. It’ll be like when we rescued you!
Leia: When Obi-Wan died?
Admiral Statura: Excuse me, General. There’s a message from the New Republic on Chandrila.
BB-8: Chandrila? Didn’t the First Order destroy that?
R2-D2: A-ha!!
BB-8: What is it?
R2-D2: That’s it! Let me just check something before I run the survey data.
R2-D2: I want to search for any systems equidistant from Endor and Takodana, between 45 and 52 light years from each.
GM: Let’s see... No, nothing.
R2-D2: Check historical records.
GM: The Hosnian system was 50 light years from each of those planets.
R2-D2: And what planets were in that system?
GM: Hosnian, Hosnian Prime, Raysho, Cardota, and Courtsilius.
R2-D2: Bingo!!
C-3PO: You have the weirdest bingo cards.

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Published: Sunday, 09 January, 2022; 01:11:06 PST.
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