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Episode 2097: Applying Green’s Theorem


The most trustworthy person is always yourself. So if you need someone else to keep a secret, make a clone.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hah! As if the Galactic survey data couldn't have been tampered with as well. Still, the GM is a reasonable person, and even with two players on Team Evil, I can't see them making it completely impossible to beat Nute in the end. Maybe this will actually give some usable information, though at the moment, I personally suspect it'll only be a partial success in the end.

And of course, saying nothing is going to happen in the next day is just asking for it. I bet there's going to be at least one instance where having R2-D2 active would help, if only because the GM was finally expecting all the players to try and work together toward the same goal at the same time for once. Possibilities include: BB-8 messes up at hacking something or gets disabled in a fight, plotting out a better rescue mission for Rey, not being on hand to effect a critical repair, fixing the laser sword so it doesn't suddenly amputate Finn's hands....


R2-D2: What we need to do is reintegrate Galactic survey data to find any anomalies in the nav charts.
C-3PO: That sounds like a complex job.
BB-8: We need to keep it closely guarded. Nute could be monitoring public records.
R2-D2: Right. Which is why we have to entrust it to the most reliable being we know.
C-3PO: And who’s that?
R2-D2: Me, obviously.
GM: It’s going to take you a day or so to run all the computations.
R2-D2: No problem. It’s not like anything much will happen in the next day.
GM: So you’re dedicating yourself to this task?
R2-D2: Yep. Locking out all external stimuli as of now.
BB-8: Don’t you need to see the map first?
R2-D2: As of a minute from now.

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Published: Thursday, 06 January, 2022; 03:31:27 PST.
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