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Episode 1947: Grate Expectations


Heroes should have reputations, known far and wide across the land. Once a group of adventurers has had a few successful expeditions and quests, they're likely to start earning some measure of fame.

It might start small. A young stablehand recognises the travellers who have just arrived, having heard stories from other travellers about a group of heroes from the next town over. But none of the adults here have heard of them yet. The kid may say in wonder, "You're the Emerald Company, aren't you!" And that's about it. The heroes may be flattered and pleased that their renown has spread.

But keep it low key for a while. An adventure or two later, maybe a shopkeeper will recognise them. And when they answer a job advertisement, the person looking for hired help will be impressed by their history. Eventually it reaches a point where the town guard at every settlement within fifty miles knows who they are before they have to say it. Kids will follow them along the streets as they make their way to lodging, begging for a few coins, a display of magic, or even just a smile and a kind word.

The heroes may enjoy being the centre of attention.

Until one day it bites them in the back. Every petty villain in town knows they are a threat. Corrupt politicians will throw obstacles in their way to avoid being exposed. And of course, they can't escape the attention of the lurking evil that threatens the entire land...

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)



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Alright. So, now we have a good idea of how Rey got this ship. And...

Shouldn't she introduce her dad as Greedo, who steals other people's identity? Not as Han who steals other people's identity?

Well, at least Han and Chewbacca have made up and gotten back together. I still remember seeing the scene the time when Ford was playing Han at a Q&A, answering fan questions, when Chewbacca came in, and Han, after some back and forth, responded with "He knows what he did", as he left the stage. So at some point there was some "official" conflict between the two of them.

But now, they are back together. Friends, companions in... I'm going to guess some sort of exile. If they were really well-off after retiring, they could settle down somewhere. But no, they are flying around, living alone in a ship together, probably because no place will take them, or is safe for them.

In real life, we have all sorts of security for important retired people. Here? He has to keep changing his name, staying hidden, always on the run. Probably had to get rid of the Falcon because it was too well-known - which brings up the question of why no one has bothered Rey in it, with the obvious answer of "Everyone knows that he ditched the ship to avoid being tracked".

So, something that seems really wrong here. Han and Chewbacca were on the ship that tractored the Falcon. They knew it was the Falcon. They knew they had the Falcon. They presumably knew that his daughter, Rey, was using the Falcon. So why did they treat it as an unknown, dangerous situation? Heck, we know they have phone technology in this universe, why not a call, "Hey daughter, are you in that ship we just grabbed, or do we have a serious situation to deal with?"

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Okay, this isn't Han Solo. That will be a bit difficult to remember. And with having started at Alberto and been Freddo just before Greedo, I think that means there have been 15 stolen names since the Rebellion. Finding a person whose name started with a Q and fit the "end's with o" pattern must have been a challenge. Xasha is unlikely to be the full name as it doesn't follow the pattern as-is, so that will probably pop up later. This also handily explains why Han Xasha has such an evil looking ship; probably being original Xasha's. I also note that Xasha didn't confirm or deny that the Millennium Falcon is Lando's ship, so now I'm wondering if we'll be seeing Lando later to bring this up again later as well.

Finn knows who the actually dangerous character is, judging by the 4th panel. Even if the fact that Chewie hadn't been the one to point out the likelihood of the crew hiding, he's still like 7 feet tall and probably easily removed the floor plate. Sure, Chewbacca tends toward being more of a background character, but I'm definitely looking forward to more of Ben-as-Chewbacca's wry, dry humor.

Hmmm, it's a little hard to tell, but I think the breathing masks are the same as they were 30 years ago too. For something flexible, even if not used, that's an impressive lifespan. It does help that the Millennium Falcon is a self-contained environment, but an environment good for long term polymer preservation probably wouldn't be comfortable for humans. Star Wars is full of exotic sounding metals, but I don't think we've ever heard about the exotic polymers used. Polymers don't get enough attention in fiction I think. Metal has been around for much, much longer though, so it's understandable.


GM: Chewie, you hear a noise in the old smuggling compartment.
[SFX]: scrape scrape...
Chewbacca: I go lift the grate.
{Chewbacca lifts the floor grate, revealing...}
Rey: Dad!
Han: Rey! I see you brought my ship back in one piece.
Rey: It’s Lando’s ship. He’s owned the Millennium Falcon since before I was born.
Han: Get out of there. And take those silly masks off.
{they emerge from the floor compartment}
Rey: Oh, sorry, this is Finn. Finn, this is my dad, Han Solo.
Finn: This is the Millennium Falcon? You’re Han Solo?
Han: I used to be.
Finn: Han Solo, the Rebellion general?
Han: The name’s Xasha now.
Rey: He keeps stealing other people’s identities. You were what, Vittorio when I left?

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Published: Thursday, 21 January, 2021; 01:11:05 PST.
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