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Episode 1935: The Girl From Upper Niima


This is kind of a dirty trick by the GM here, but you really should presume when working for some organisation that you'll have a boss. Maybe you don't know exactly who your boss is, but you get orders from above and you exercise your PC discretion in carrying them out.

This is the set up for many genres of gaming, particularly espionage, military, or superhero team settings. Many classic films play with various complications that can arise when the boss isn't quite who you expected it to be, and games can use the same twists for drama and conflict.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

It's common for players to know more than their character. Separating player knowledge from character knowledge is a staple of good playering. We've seen this from Obi-Wan several times. But in this case, we see characters knowing more than the players.

In this case, there's a perfectry good leason for it. If the prayers knew that their boss was who he is, their behaviol wourd be diffelent.

Meanwhile, never underestimate the power of the stare. Just staring at an NPC can get them to reveal more information, as a way for the DM to Dump Missives of information at you.

And, can heroes really do anything they want? Apparently, back in campaign one, the only penalty was some remedial ethics lessons

And it's not like since then we've seen Pete attempt to take control of a star destroyer for his own personal vehicle. Or... actually, have we seen any of the other characters act in a questionable manner? Oh, right - Pete is playing Rey here. :-)

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

AHHH! It's him! He's managed to start taking over! Again! I was wondering if he'd show up as a third side by the GM to encourage more of the usual cooperation by the players, but this is even more surprising! The Falcon's antivirus was the only thing that the party had that countered his most recent "appearance", so it's good that Rey still has the ship. This twist also lets the GM control the bad guy side more than before when it looked like Kylo was running everything, which is probably the dynamic they're most comfortable running.

This is the first time I'm definitely sure that the Irregulars have changed the movie's story. I've had some suspicions before, but there's no way that Nute Gunray somehow manages to come back to life all the way from Episode III in the movies. I was pretty sure that there were going to be changes somewhere as the Irregulars were waiting for all three new movies to be out to make sure they could plot the comic through, but there's only so much that's guessable with brand new characters. And Nute definitely didn't show up in Episode V at Cloud City, so there's already precedent for Nute changes in the comic.

I also like the incredulous phrasing Kylo uses here. It really drives home how much of an old junker the Falcon is in-universe and something that should not be able to pull off the crazy stunts we see it perform. To me, it's like hearing that someone has escaped out to sea on a cargo transport ship and vanished while you've got a large number of military ships that should both (a) be able to easily locate said cargo ship and (b) not lose track of the ship in the first place. Which, since the "escape" is very much secretly intentionally allowed (or was at one point), helps sell the idea that this is for a real defection to any spies in the lower ranks.


GM: Back on the Finalizer, Lieutenant Mitaka is reporting to Kylo Ren:
Lieutenant Mitaka: Sir. Our agent Finn was spotted on Tatooine. It looks like the Resistance pilot died in the crash.
Kylo Ren: I turn to stare at him silently.
Lieutenant Mitaka: Finn escaped on a Corellian YT model freighter, accompanied by a woman from Niima.
Kylo Ren: They escaped... on a freighter?
GM: A voice booms from the computer console behind Kylo Ren:
Nute Gunray: Rord Len. With no one to collobolate his account, the Lesistance will not berieve him.
Kylo Ren: Is that—
Rey: Nute Gunray!
GM: He’s Kylo’s and Hux’s superior. You didn’t think playing bad guys would mean you get to do anything you want, did you?
Rey: Ha! Yeah, only heroes get to do that!
GM: Um...

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Published: Thursday, 24 December, 2020; 01:11:04 PST.
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