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Episode 1917: PIE-Eyed


Area weapons are great if you don't care about collateral damage. Just spray fire everywhere and enjoy the mayhem!

Be very careful giving players weapons like this. Or make sure they have to take care not to destroy important things in the vicinity of the targets.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

If you want to take out a village-sized encampment, you use a missile. Or, an entire bay's worth of PIE fighters. Not just one or two.

This does not count as an "air strike". This is just a minor sting. Heck, doing 2 damage to one, or stunning the other, is nothing more than "We did damage to the buildings, and that caused collateral accidental damage to the actual target".

I mean, come on. These two have to be at least... what did Luke call them? Womp-rats? Almost 2 meters, you'd think a good fighter pilot using their eyes could bullseye something that big.

Seriously, though - you were hidden from the air attack while you were inside the covered tent. The ground troopers could not tell which building you were in, the air strike can't tell which building you were in, you were hidden. Haven't you seen Monty Python's "how to stay hidden" routine?

We seem to have established that Monty Python does not exist in this universe; therefore, the next strip-50 bonus should involve a Monty Python movie. Would 50 be the Bridge of Fate, the bunny, or the knight fight?

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oh, just a PIE fighter attack. That's not nearly as bad as just carpet bombing the outpost into glass. In that case, unless the two troopers on the ground are actively spotting the PC group, hiding underneath cover is probably the best bet. The sand should block any scanning equipment and the tents/gazebos/hanging rubbish should block visuals enough to prevent direct targeting. So; Rey running out from under the tent, dragging Finn behind, without a destination to get to? Probably the worst move possible here.

Finn knows the score at least, for all the good that will do here. Running somewhere without a plan is just asking to be killed, and that targeting isn't necessary to hit your target. Sometimes you have what amounts to superpowers and sometimes you have what amounts to horseshoe hand grenades. This seems to be a bit much for just providing motivation, but 2 damage isn't a lot. Rather like slightly cushioned 2-meter landing in fact.

Interestingly, BB-8's not mentioned as taking damage here. Either that'll come in the next comic, or the spherical shape allowed for a more controlled landing in the sand. I can definitely see our new favorite droid buddy flying through the air here in the sound effect only panels anyway. Also amusing in the last panel of those three, it almost looks like BB-8 is landing on Finn's arm. Having a large heavy droid bounce off of any of my body parts would definitely Stun me for a while. Little details like this are fun to pick out, even if they end up being unnecessary or completely wrong later.


GM: Rey, Finn, BB-8, the screech of PIE fighters splinters the air.
[SFX]: vreeeeooooowww...
Rey: C’mon! We’re sitting quadducks here!
[SFX]: vreeeeooooowww...
Finn: Where are we going?! We can’t outrun them!
[SFX]: vreeeeooooowww...
[SFX]: Pow! Pow!
[SFX]: Kaboom!!
{Rey, Finn, and BB-8 are thrown by the nearby explosion and land heavily}
[SFX]: krunch splat
GM: <roll> Rey, take 2 damage. Finn, you’re Stunned.
Rey: They shouldn’t be able to target us because of the sand!
Finn: {stunned} I’ve seen First Order pilots! They have eyes!

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Published: Thursday, 12 November, 2020; 01:11:18 PST.
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