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Episode 1907: Finn Errs: Won’t Bruise Thugs


It's good to have a variety of weapons, so you can adapt to different combat conditions. You need a ranged weapon, for firing at enemies at a distance, and a long reach melee weapon for attacking people at close quarters while keeping them at arm's length, plus a short reach weapon for fighting when movement is restricted or against people who manage to get a grapple on you (or for cutting your way out of a stomach when some giant creature swallows you - which happens more often than you might think).

Also consider weapons to use when caught in a net, or a sack. Ones to use when being carried aloft by a giant flying creature. Ones for when you're in a dark place and can't see anything. Ones for use in dangerous atmospheres, such as inflammable gas. Ones to use underwater. Ones you can keep concealed when asked to "check your weapons". Ones to use against werewolves. Ones to use against undead creatures. Ones to use against creatures immune to fire, or poison, or physical damage.

Basically, you should carry the entire inventory of weapons available in the campaign, just in case.

Two of each, in case one breaks.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Finn has to be careful. Someone is asking for help.

BB-8 has some weapons. Interesting. Assuming they are body mounted, and the body is freely rotating, they have an impressive arc of fire. The flame torch, having continuous fire, actually fires fire in an arc, making it a really nasty weapon. And an arc welder that fires in an arc... someone can probably make a better pun than I can from that.

Darts, unfortunately, can't fire continuously. That would be impressive dakka, but those need physical objects to propel and the ammo count has a limit.

Rey has managed, by the last panel, to free herself from the would-be abductors. So she should be doing well, and unlikely to be taken to the villain's lair. Seriously, why do PCs not allow themselves to be kidnapped again? They reach their destination faster that way.

As for shooting blind? I'm reminded of a game from years back: take two real movie titles and combine them for a double feature. A Shot in the Dark + A Hole in the Head remains my favorite.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oh, what a give away. Did'j'hear that, did'j'hear that, eh? That's how you know Rey is the one being attacked!


Nice to see that Pete's first action is to get Corey free. He might have given Corey second thoughts with the stunt in the trading post, but this is a good way to show they're still on the same side. Too bad that BB-8 doesn't seem to have any good options for quickly freeing themself from the sack.

I wonder if Corey had to leave out the "pizza cutter" when making BB-8. That would be a lot more useful here than the weapons he listed. Perhaps Corey didn't put in enough points yet for it to count as a weapon, so it hasn't been noticed yet as a viable escape tool. I wouldn't put a 10 foot pole in the weapons slot, though I could definitely use it as an improvised weapon if I need to.

And it's obvious how Finn can tell she's the defender here, or at least a person to help. She's not wearing a helmet, and unless there's an exceptional reason, no protagonist is going to be wearing a helmet! Not to mention, none of those pedlars helped Finn with finding something to rehydrate with, so there's no reason to help them out here. I could definitely see Finn just ignoring the fight and moving on if he wasn't a PC being played by Annie.


Rey: All right. I kick that thug away from BB-8. 17!
[SFX]: boot!
BB-8: What can I do?
Rey: What weapons do you have?
BB-8: An arc welder, a flame torch, grappling darts.
Rey: The first two will ignite the sack you’re in. And the last will be shooting blind. You’ll probably hit me.
BB-8: Tempting.
Rey: I bite the goon grappling me. 12!
[SFX]: chomp!
GM: Finn, you hear a commotion in the souk and see a young woman fighting two thugs.
Finn: How do I know she isn’t a thug attacking two innocent pedlars?
Rey: Help! Help!!...
Finn: Okay, how do I know she isn’t requesting help in attacking two innocent pedlars?
Rey: ... I’m being repressed!
Thug: Bloody peasant.

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Published: Tuesday, 20 October, 2020; 02:11:17 PDT.
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