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Episode 1363: The Suspense is Killing Me


Pizza is universal. You can get it anywhere in the modern world. You can get it in the future, in space, and in other timelines. You can also make a good case for getting it in historical time periods. Even if it's not historically known in any given time and place, some enterprising person can easily invent it, given nothing more than some grain, some dairy, and some of whatever other food is around.

Try inventing it next time you're playing in a period where it would otherwise be unknown. You'll quickly become rich and famous! Or can at least make that argument to your GM.


Admiral Ackbar: {over radio} Oh! Ingenious! A meat-based lure, combined with a vertically actuated flexible containment device.
Admiral Ackbar: {over radio} Never fear, if such a design is encountered in the future, we shall be all over it.
Admiral Ackbar: {over radio} And may I suggest in the future not all standing in the same spot when probing such an assemblage.
Luke: Oh man. I'll cut us down with my laser sword.
GM: You can't reach it.
Han: I'll grab it!
Luke: No!!
R2-D2: I use my pizza cutter to cut the net.
Luke: Um... Why do you have a pizza cutter?
R2-D2: I had it installed in Jabba's palace to serve pizza on his barge.
C-3PO: That seems a bit over-powered for cutting pizza.
R2-D2: I put extra points into it.

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Published: Tuesday, 07 June, 2016; 03:11:09 PDT.
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