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Episode 1894: Icosaplay


Roleplaying on camera has taken off as a thing that some people do. There are dozens of YouTube channels devoted to it, and there's a starter list here. They can be good sources of ideas and stories, and also a way to see how diverse the hobby is in terms of playing styles. An insular RPG group can get stuck into certain ways of thinking about how to play, so seeing a game through fresh eyes can be valuable in expanding your gaming horizons.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

In my experience in the USA, there's a big difference between college and high school. In high school, everyone had to be there whether they wanted to or not, and class choices were very limited. In college, and especially after the start of the 3rd year, everyone was a lot more engaged and actually interested in learning the materials. I instructed some college level classes once and knowing that everyone was actually engaged in learning made a huge difference for myself too.

Ohhhhh boy. I'm assuming that everyone besides the GM gave a positive affirmation of recording the roleplaying beforehand, because that would be an unpleasant surprise for myself. I could see coming around to the idea, but as a snap decision, I would be against being recorded. That feels too much like acting, and in a stage or performance type setting, I am much more readily comfortable as part of the Tech Crew and helping to keep things running smoothly for the audience and actors.

The GM's also going to need to step up their game though, sock puppets are hardly a costume. Maybe the 3rd level comes with a quick-change skill choice.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

I recently found out that Chewbacca actually had lines, and spoke English, during filming. So when Han is responding to Chewie, he's actually responding to the real lines. All of Chewy's "aauurrgh"'s were added in processing.

I say this, because here, we have Chewbacca having lines. And we see the player saying, "I'm so glad I'm not playing Chewbacca any more." After all, if you had to dress up in costumes, like you were LARPing, then you might want to also get into real-world locations. Find appropriate rocks, for example. And if this is a video camera, maybe have some models on the table to represent things happening.

In fact, I think we saw that very thing, after a Cease and Desist letter was received.*

* NOT. (That's sarcasm people. You can do sarcasm in text, no matter what some people say.)


Poe: ... research, but I’m surprised to find I’m enjoying the teaching.
General Hux: Try high school some time. Today I had to send two kids to the principal’s office.
Finn: I thought you liked it, Ben.
General Hux: Oh I love the teaching. It’s just... the kids, sometimes.
Finn: I’m sure you’ll make a great father some day.
GM: How’s your search going, Annie?
Finn: Well, L.A. has a lot more video production jobs.
Finn: I wanted to ask, is it okay if I make some videos based on the game? To keep in practice?
GM: Uh, sure.
Finn: Great! I brought my camera.
Rey: If we’re roleplaying on camera, we should wear costumes.
Kylo Ren: Yeah!
General Hux: I am so glad I’m not playing Chewbacca any more.
BB-8: Half your luck!

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Published: Sunday, 20 September, 2020; 03:11:17 PDT.
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