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Episode 1852: Forbidden? Plan It!


Sometimes a little private session between a GM and a player can set up interesting things that will be a surprise to other players later on. It doesn't literally have to be played face to face either - a player can discuss non-public character background information with the GM via email or some other method.

This would be perfectly reasonable if, for example, a character has a shady background that they don't want known. Say a character has an old gambling debt, and is being chased by debt collectors. They don't want their fellow party members to know, however at some point one of the collectors is going to show up and make things awkward. It can be useful to have some agreement between the GM and player on what sort of things might happen under such circumstances, and any contingency plans the hero may have which can be activated without alerting the other players.

Try not to go overboard with one-on-one planning though! Remember it's a group game!

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

So let's talk about assumptions.

A white helmet just came off of a white bodysuit to reveal a non-white actor. And this caught me by surprise. I don't like to think of myself as making racist assumptions. But the truth is, I was assuming that Finn was white, and did not even realize it.

I actually asked on the forums, both here and at Giant in the Playground, to see what other people's reactions were to the mask coming off. The basic answer was: "It's been too many years, I don't remember".

I don't like to think of myself as racist. I like to think that I am aware of implicit bias, and I take it into account, and I try to keep an open mind on things. I now know that I've been lying to myself.

What I find interesting is that in this universe, the equivalent surprise was about Phasma being female. Surprisingly, Phasma being female was what I was expecting from this group of comic irregulars.

I guess the take away is that everyone has different, unexpected biases. But why is mine skin color?

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ma'am huh? Well, robots can be ladies too if they want, so no issue there for me. I wonder if the GM had it in mind for Phasma to be a guy robot, or an ungendered robot, hence the comment at the end. I can't think of any reason that would matter though, so I bet the GM will just roll with it. I still think Phasma's gonna be robot person though, rather than a human person like Finn. I also like that "Is there a problem?" can be read both as responding to Phasma in character and Jim out of character.

And Phasma there also has a chrome gun as well; why not. I really should have noticed that back in #1845, but I guess it took the light from a source other than fire to cue me in. I'm definitely feeling this character more as a bounty hunter than a high ranking trooper now, even with Finn's reply to being addressed.

I bet the rest of the scene-setter is Finn asking permission to go chase Gil's killer. Boss number one turned Finn down, so it's time to go ask Boss number two. Just like kids sometimes do when asking their parents for something. I give it 49:49:2 odds that Phasma grants permission to go chase the killer vs ordering Finn to stay put and forget about Gil.

2% chance that Phasma just berates Finn for not putting their helmet back on before speaking and just ends up leaving before Finn can ask anything.


Kylo Ren: All right, bye everyone!
Finn: See you Sally, Corey. Jim and I will stay a bit and help clean up.
Poe: We will?
BB-8: Have fun!
[SFX]: door
Finn: Can I just do a very short private scene-setter for the next session? Finn and General Phasma?
GM: Sure.
{Finn removes his bloodstained helmet}
Finn: Okay, Finn, think. They’re not going to let you go after Gil’s killer.
Finn: I need a plan...
General Phasma: Trooper!
Finn: General Phasma! Ma’am!
Poe: Ma’am?
Finn: Is there a problem?
Poe: No, no... just correcting my assumption.
GM: Do I get a say in this?

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Published: Sunday, 14 June, 2020; 03:11:16 PDT.
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