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Episode 1845: Prometheus Rebound


Every game can use a mysterious NPC who spouts poetry. Have several poems printed and ready to refer to at appropriate moments when the heroes meet such a new acquaintance for the first time. If you can be even more prepared with a selection suitable for later conversations, contingent on what the heroes say and do, all the better!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

I thought that seemed too rhythmic to be happenstance, and thus I have found the start of one of the Ozymandias poems. This has a nice twist to it, and I bet one of those ruined ships is Mos Eisley. I can't think what other destroyed ships we've seen that are extremely large though; Poe's X-Wing would be barely a blip compared to a dreadnought, and I don't think there were any Star Destroyers that were, well, destroyed near Tatooine. And there's also the question of what would count as an antique in this universe what with how used everything looks already. Mos Eisley could definitely be sunk/buried in sand by this point if they've been frequently attacked by sand creatures, so that would count for the village at least.

Also worth stating the obvious; this is a chrome armored trooper. Why on Earth Tatooine do we have chrome armor now? I guess this could just be a way to say something like "Hey audience! I'm an extra special kind of trooper; watch out for me later!", but in-universe, I can't think of any good reasons for wearing metal armor. Unless there's some unstated properties it's got like "able to deflect blaster bolts" or "more protection from impacts", that's just going to be a lot of extra weight the trooper needs to carry around that doesn't give any benefit. Not to mention, given that it looks unique, it's going to be harder or more expensive to replace when something happens. The white armor might look a little silly sometimes, but at least there's hundreds if not thousands of immediately available replacements on hand when needed, so there's an obvious supply chain that's providing the First Order with the uniforms. This guy's too fancy for a proper supply chain.

Oh, and I think I see a full cape as well. That's just asking to get snagged on something in a firefight. Robes aren't great for running around in, but they at least stick close to the body rather than flapping around behind. Really, this guy is more like a bounty hunter à la Jango or Boba than a high ranking trooper.

Hmmmmm. Chrome dome does remind me a bit of Chancellor Valorum, a.k.a. General Grievous. I think it's the short monologue, plus the bit about the flies. I quite rather wrote off the whole Muppets interlude as a silly distraction from the Star Wars movies, but what if this guy is actually formerly-clone-now-a-droid Grievous? That's going to put another twist on things for me if this gets confirmed as I haven't read that set of the comics as much as I have the main movie ones and there were a lot of twists in the Muppets show already.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

The mysterious traveler, who enigmatically arrives and make some strange statements, that can be misinterpreted. The enigmatic Oracle, who makes claims that while wildly misinterpreted, turn out in the end to be accurate.

"If you attack, then a mighty empire shall fall".

These are the sort of vague, half-spoken plans that the GM has, that can be tossed out to the players. If they are enigmatic enough, if they are sufficiently cryptic and meaningless, then no matter what the players do they will come true.

Or, you know, you just have the campaign background given out in this manner. In this case, we simply have the destroyed ships that have been torn apart to provide materials for the village as we saw when R2 wanted to recover his lost dreadnought.

Even better, have the enigmatic wanderer quoting somebody else. That way, if something happens such that the strange predictions don't come true, just point out that it wasn't the actual Oracle they were talking to but somebody that had heard from the actual Oracle.

Meanwhile, we see that Sally (the player) is actually willing to work with the other player (Jim), and Poe is not going to be killed. It seems that that crazy speech was actually good enough to convince the other player (not that hard) that he wanted to switch sides.

So the parallels to Episode V and Episode II, ascending and descending at the same time, seems to be the start of this section of the ring.

I wonder what the next week's of comics will be like. What will happen in seven days?


Chrome Trooper: I met a traveller from an antique land
Chrome Trooper: Who said: Two vast and ruined ships of war
Chrome Trooper: Loom in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Chrome Trooper: Half sunk, a shattered village lies in store...
Kylo Ren: What are you on about?
Chrome Trooper: The sands of Tatooine hide many secrets.
Kylo Ren: I’m sure. Keep an eye on that pilot. He’s volunteered to be our agent inside the Resistance.
Chrome Trooper: Frabjous day! Another fly to the carcass.
Kylo Ren: You remind me of someone...
Chrome Trooper: Amusing. You remind me of no one!

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Published: Thursday, 28 May, 2020; 03:11:17 PDT.
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