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Episode 1808: Like a Circle in a Spiral, Like a Droid Within a Clone


In these enlightened times, we sometimes stop to think about the environmental consequences of things. This is not something that happens in roleplaying games very much, though.

But what if it was?

Druid characters are probably the most likely to actually do this. They tend to want to preserve "the balance of nature", which can be interpreted as restricting humans from cutting down too many trees or hunting too many animals. But taking inspiration from modern life, they could also be concerned about construction projects, or mining, for example. Say a local ruler wants to build a new castle on a strategic location, but the local order of druids is adamant that the land supports unique wildlife, and so does everything in its power to stop it.

But imagine broader application of this principle. Woodcutters are taking too much wood from a forest, and faerie nobles send a delegation to the village to deal with the threat to their livelihood. Superheroes have an epic battle against supervillains, prevailing but leaving a huge scorched crater full of destroyed buildings and machinery behind - someone has to take responsibility and clean it up. Space traders make a routine stop at a port world, but they've inadvertently brought an invasive species aboard their ship, and now authorities are after them.


Chewbacca: Valorum and Palpatine... Good lord, imagine if they came back somehow.
Kermit: Know something of this, I do.
Kermit: Obtained DNA from the charred remains of Grievous, Gunray did. Sent it to Kamino to be cloned as his new general.
Kermit: Dissatisfied with the limitations of his organic body, cloned Valorum was. Including looking like Valorum.
Kermit: Slowly replaced himself piece by piece, he did, becoming a cyborg—
R2-D2: Wow, he really was an exact copy of Grievous.
Kermit: —until eventually he was entirely a droid!
Luke: And then he decided to make droids to pretend to be clones of everyone else?
Kermit: Naturally. More productive than organic beings, droids are. More efficient. More environmentally sustainable.
C-3PO: But they turned out awful!
Kermit: Easy being green, it is not.

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Published: Sunday, 26 January, 2020; 02:11:11 PST.
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