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Episode 1640: All We Hear is Radio Jar Jar


If there's ever been a more contradicted phrase than a GM saying "You can't", then we're not sure what it is.

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

If they are talking about moving the water from one planet to another, then there is another possibility for the missing planet. It might not be in the database as a water planet.

One possibility is to look for the planet "Newer New Netherlands". If it is having water deposited on it, then there should be some sort of warp portal on it that leads to another water world. One of these two is likely to be the water planet that has the Imperial data facility.

But please, please tell me that they did not actually have an Imperial combat droid calling the Rebel base in the actual movie.

Actually, this is horrible for security purposes in so many ways. The Imperial combat droid could have a secure hypervisor that is reporting back without the primary operating system even being aware of it - we've had viruses and root kits like that today.

In fact, this seems like a really good idea for the Imperial forces. Give some sort of technology to the enemy, have some type of virus hidden in that technology, wait for it to get used in the enemy facility, and then unleash the sabotage.

Call it... "Sucks-Net" :-).

— Keybounce

And now Sally gets to talk to herself!

Toprawa it would seem, is a combination of Naboo and Kamino's water. Which would make it a little harder to find since it probably won't be in any database under "water planet" unless it's extremely recent.

I'm imagining Cassian starting up some old version of Encarta and searching for "water planet", then getting frustrated that he has to buy a new version just to get the latest information on water planets.

Also I assume "water planet" is an official scientific term in the Star Wars/Darths & Droids universes.

— aurilee


Bria: They're obviously smelting Kamino to build the Peace Moon. Maybe they moved the water to another planet?
Chirrut: Hmmm. Where did they move the water back when they smelted Naboo?
K-2SO: Let's ask Jar Jar!
GM: You can't—
K-2SO: Rebel base calling Jar Jar, come in!
Jar Jar: {over radio} Yessa! Mesa Gungan peace ambassador. But mesa always has time for mesa good friends!
Chirrut: Yes, the Imperial combat droid you've never met, claiming to be a Rebel base...
Jar Jar: Mesa great judge of character!

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Published: Tuesday, 17 April, 2018; 03:11:02 PDT.
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