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Episode 1639: Missing: the Point


Okay, quick quiz. Name:

Exactly. Rule of science fiction: There's exactly one type of each planet.

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

The flying whales are Sally-canon? I wasn't aware.

So the planet Darth Vader was on was Kamino, which means it wasn't actually completely smelted? Looks like Bodhi's out of the loop again.

It's kind of sad that Sally's creation was destroyed though. I hope she gets some joyous revenge. Possibly by making the GM's life miserable?*

* Don't actually try to ever take revenge on a GM. They will take revenge on you in retaliation. And they are way better at it than you.

— aurilee

Oddly, 584 says that Naboo was the planet that was smelted down. And David tells me that this is not a mistake, that my confusion will resolve in the next comic.

Chirrut is absolutely correct: the stuff happening on Polis Massa is a side track, a diversion. And Cassian is correct in that we don't know where it is yet.

Clearly, what we really need to do is find some sort of planetary database, fly in, use it to locate Toprawa, and then we can go in and locate the Peace Moon plans. And we even know of such a database. It's on Toprawa.

Wait a second...

On a different note: Sally's line would imply that simply by changing the name of a planet, or just simply calling an existing planet by a different name for your reports, you can completely hide it. That would be as crazy as saying that you can completely hide what city you're in just by using a different name for it... oh wait, that's actually happened.

And the clone trooper facilities - wouldn't it make far more sense to convince the enemy that they should use clones for their war... oh wait, they actually did that.

Actually, don't we see Kamino later on in the Disney CGI TV shows? No longer full of water, with one remaining Kaminoan trying to guard and hatch a Queen Egg, with the implication that that could revive the race? (Never mind the question of loss of genetic diversity, that's more detail than Disney cares about).

I guess this comic isn't so far off from reality/canon.

[Ed: It seems that Keybounce has temporarily confused Kamino with Geonosis.]

— Keybounce


Chirrut: All this stuff about Padmé is irrelevant. What we really want are the plans for the Peace Moon.
Cassian: But we don't know where Toprawa is. All we know is it's a water planet.
Chirrut: Well, how many water planets can there be?
K-2SO: Kamino's one!
Bodhi: It can't be Kamino. It's a different name and there's no water there any more. The Empire shipped all the water away before they smelted it.
K-2SO: What? What about Taun We! And the flying whales! And the dinosaur cloning factories!
Chirrut: Not to mention the clone trooper cloning factories.
Cassian: Why would the Empire destroy those?
Chirrut: Have you ever had a clone trooper shoot at you?
Cassian: Yes. Many times!
Chirrut: I rest my case.

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Published: Sunday, 15 April, 2018; 03:11:01 PDT.
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