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<     Episode 1593: The Rubble With Ripples     >

Episode 1593: The Rubble With Ripples


Accelerating up to speeds close to (or beyond) that of light is fraught with danger. The safer alternative is to simply instantaneously flip into some sort of hyperspace/warp dimension where you can travel faster than light without bothering to accelerate through all those boring intermediate speeds. Fictional universes usually have either one version or the other, so if you're stuck in one sort you'll just have to make do without the other.

But... if accelerating to lightspeed is dangerous for the ship doing so because of what tiny particles it might hit, imagine if you aimed it at something... something you wanted to destroy...

Note added in final proofreading: We wrote this strip on 24 November, 2017. Just sayin'.

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

From here on in, Chirrut is now officially a blind surfer monk.

K-2 meanwhile, is as chipper as ever. I think he's definitely my favourite character thus far, and he's just proven that he can also do "standard" droid things like vector calculations as well as being an all-out killing machine.

To summarise: K-2 has the wit of C-3P0, the smarts of R2 (at least mostly) and the "killing things is a good time" attitude of HK-47.

I would have been happy with just a Threepio+HK combo, but they threw in a little R2 with his ability to pilot a ship and do computations, so now he's just the greatest droid ever.

Knowing that there will be a TPK makes me especially sad now, since that means K-2 will be no more...

— aurilee

The GM is giving the players a break. There's no other way to explain their success here. If all it takes is one pebble to destroy the ship, this success is by GM Fiat.

This is therefore not the first of many TPKs. This is therefore not Paranoia.

But that last panel explosion... Is the debris from the Peace Moon test shot really going out of the atmosphere? Can we say that that blast is "out of this world"?

And is that an excessively large cloud cover for a desert planet?

— Keybounce


Cassian: We just need a clear forward vector into hyperspace.
K-2SO: Scanning.
[SFX]: rumble...
Bria: It's getting worse! The land is breaking over us like a wave!
[SFX]: rumble...
K-2SO: We're gonna ride the tube!
Cassian: But how will we get out?
K-2SO: I've calculated the time and position with the clearest opening. Four seconds, stand by.
[SFX]: rumble...
Cassian: I see it!
[SFX]: rumble... rumble...
[SFX]: klunk {hyperdrive engages}
[SFX]: whoooosh!!
Chirrut: Whoa, that was gnarly.
Bria: I thought we'd be wiped out for sure.
K-2SO: But it turned out swell!

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Published: Thursday, 28 December, 2017; 02:11:02 PST.
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