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Episode 1466: Highly Flung


Telekinesis is one of the most generally useful psychic/psionic/magic powers. When you think about it, moving stuff is pretty much the most basic thing you can ever want to do.

See how far you can work your way down this list before your GM calls shenanigans.


Darth Vader: I never betrayed you, Anakin.
Luke: Anakin?
Voice: You did! You usurped my role. You stole my power!
Darth Vader: And Yoda never betrayed you. He foresaw what you could become and tried to save you. But you rejected that and betrayed him.
Darth Vader: The Jedi never betrayed you. Nor the younglings. But you murdered them all. Your betrayal.
Darth Vader: Your mother never betrayed you. She sacrificed so much to raise you. And you strangled her where she knelt. You betrayed her.
[SFX]: whooom!
GM: Vader's sword is ripped from her grasp and hurtles across the room at you, Luke.
[SFX]: kzzrzzkk!
[SFX]: kpow! krak!
Luke: Hey! I never betrayed you either!!

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Published: Thursday, 02 February, 2017; 02:11:02 PST.
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