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Episode 1444: Not-Ordered-Table


Your GM does a difficult, thankless job, week in and week out, for no reward other than the look of anguish on your faces when the monsters ambush you because of your own stupidity, or you fall into a deathtrap because of your own stupidity, or when you inadvertently insult the Emperor because of your own stupidity.

So show some heartfelt appreciation from time to time and get excited when your GM presents something new and at least potentially interesting.


Leia: I've got some good news too. I finally did my accounts and I've been well over break-even on my video blog for two months now. I'm actually making money!
R2-D2: Cool. You get to start paying tax!
C-3PO: Being excited about paying tax should be more widespread.
GM: All right, we needed more space for the battle map. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes!
R2-D2: Whoa.
Luke: Oh my goodness.
C-3PO: You bought a whole new table just for us!
GM: Actually, no... I just extended my pre-existing extendable table.
R2-D2: Oh.
Luke: Is that all?
C-3PO: Never mind.

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Published: Tuesday, 13 December, 2016; 02:11:02 PST.
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