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Episode 1443: Pitched Battle


A bit of mild deception can go a long way when convincing people to do something they wouldn't otherwise. Use this trick in games by leaving out minor details when coaxing NPCs to do things. Like accidentally failing to mention the dragon, or the evil necromancer, or whatever.


Luke: Hey Ben! Good work, the concert was pretty good.
R2-D2: I liked the bit where they all played the same thing. At the same time.
C-3PO: I think I missed that bit. But at least mum and dad liked it.
Chewbacca: I wasn't expecting them to be there.
C-3PO: I had to talk them into it by saying a friend of mine was playing.
Chewbacca: I wasn't expecting them to like what I've been doing either.
C-3PO: You did that bit all by yourself.
Chewbacca: Well it seems to have worked. They invited me over for Sunday lunch.
Leia: You've reconnected with your parents? That's great!
Chewbacca: They did say the French horns need more work.
{beat, focus on R2-D2}
Chewbacca: They're probably right, though.

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Published: Sunday, 11 December, 2016; 02:11:01 PST.
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