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Episode 1289: Shooting the Hand that Cleaves You


It's good to be wary of items that you find, lest they be cursed.

Of course you don't say this, lest you give your GM ideas.


Leia: Luke! Jabba's dead.
Luke: Good. We need to get over to the skiff.
Leia: Yes, but, look at this awesome gun I've got.
C-3PO: Why didn't they fire that at the skiff?
R2-D2: It must be cursed.
Gun: Charging 89% complete. Do you want to cancel? Hit "okay", "continue", "cancel", or "restart".
R2-D2: It's cursed.
GM: Another guard shoots at Luke.
[SFX]: Pow!!
Luke: Deflect it back at him!
[SFX]: roll
Luke: 1. Damn.
GM: The shot hits you in the <roll>... hand.
[SFX]: Pow!!
Luke: My sword hand?
GM: Yes, sorry.
Luke: S'okay, it's my robot hand.
C-3PO: Hey, robot hands have feelings too!

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Published: Thursday, 17 December, 2015; 02:11:16 PST.
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