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Episode 1288: Heat and Miss


Rejected title for this strip: "Sacrebleu! Mon Calamari!"

(Rejected because it would be confusing in two completely different ways, not merely one.)


[SFX]: Pow!!
GM: The Sarlacc's singed tentacle writhes away from Lando.
Lando: Phew! I thought...
Han: What?
Lando: Never mind.
Han: I never do.
GM: Lando grabs the stick.
Han: Chewie, pull us up!
Chewbacca: I suppose in order to save Lando I must save you as well.
Han: Look, I hope I wasn't out of line with that crack about you being a treacherous traitor. You're a rock solid companion.
Chewbacca: Keep that in mind when we're giving evidence at each others' trials.

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Published: Tuesday, 15 December, 2015; 02:11:15 PST.
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