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<     Episode 1230: The Old Trap Door in the Floor Trap     >

Episode 1230: The Old Trap Door in the Floor Trap


Any master villain worth his salt is going to have a trap door in the floor right in front of his desk/throne/Seat of Command. Bonus points for having piranhas or crocodiles underneath it.

Frankly, anyone who stands right in front of the seat of power of a master villain and makes any sort of demands (or in fact does anything at all other than grovel in supplication) pretty much has this coming to them.

Trope-aware gamers may of course spot the danger inherent in approaching the villain's desk/throne. So consider giving your villain the superpower of manifesting a trap door in the floor right in front of him wherever he happens to be standing. On a street, on a football field, on a cruise ship - doesn't matter! Get too close and boom, you're falling into a pit.


Luke: Hell with it, it's good enough. If anything goes wrong I can improvise. Wake up Jabba.
Bib Fortuna: Righto, buddy.
Bib Fortuna: Hey, boss, wake up. Someone to see you.
Jabba: What? Who is it?
Luke: I must be allowed to speak. <roll>
Jabba: Well of course. You have the floor, human.
Bib Fortuna: {aside} The wingless dove protects its nest.
Lando: {aside} The toothless tiger rules the restless jungle.
Luke: You will bring Captain Solo and the Wookiee to me. <roll>
Jabba: You're pulling my leg. Not that I have legs.
Ortugg: {aside} Hey, Jubnuk, go grab the Jedi.
Luke: Um. You will bring them to me.
C-3PO: It's not working! It's a—
Jabba: You've had the floor long enough.
[SFX]: Trap!

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Published: Sunday, 02 August, 2015; 03:53:24 PDT.
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