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Episode 1229: Robe Squadron


The simple plan is always the best. Except when it isn't, because it's so simple that it's overlooking all the important details.

Like when it's the plan that the PCs go for.


Luke: I knew it!
Bib Fortuna: Yeah, I've been in constant contact with the Rebellion, relaying info about his auctions. I was so glad when you guys started showing up.
Bib Fortuna: Bee tee dubbya: Rendezvous point Zeta? Brilliant call, good buddy. No one else made it, but I picked up some sweet intel there.
Bib Fortuna: It led me here, where I've found—
Luke: Look, I'm sure it's important, but we're busy rescuing Han at the moment.
Luke: I'll just Force Suggest Jabba, we'll get the hell out of here, and then you can tell me.
Bib Fortuna: Good plan as always, buddy!
Han: Yeah, good plan!
Luke: Wait, let me rethink...

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Published: Thursday, 30 July, 2015; 03:11:14 PDT.
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